Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Topsy Turvy" Multi-Layer Cake Pan Puts the Fun in Whimsical Lopsided Cakes

The hottest new trend in wedding and party cakes is the whimsical multi-layer Topsy Turvy style made popular by renowned cake artist Colette Peters. But for ambitious bakers, it has been quite the ordeal to slice up levels to make them fit the lopsided architecture of the cake.

But that problem is no more because Petal Crafts, the company that specializes in unique products for imaginative bakers, has developed the Petal Crafts Topsy Turvy Cake Pan™ (patent pending) to take all the hassle out of making an outrageously fun cake!

Its unique tilting pan shape and exclusive level stand design work together to produce the whimsical cake shapes. These professional grade baking pan sets are crafted from premium 14-gauge aluminum alloy, which is then anodized-treated to strengthen the aluminum and provide an attractive finish. Each pan is straight sided and has an even wall pan thickness throughout. A set of four pans measures 6 inches, 8 inches,10 inches and 12 inches in diameter, with a height of 2 1/2 to 3 inches per pan.

This process yields a cake pan of outstanding durability and superior baking results. The new seamless design makes it so much easier to clean and eliminates the contamination coming from the cake crumbs trapped in between the seam and the bolts found in some pans.

"This style of cake has been very intimidating even for seasoned bakers and cake decorators, as they have had to cut and shape the cake layers, much as a sculptor does to get this tilting effect.

"Most people have wasted a tremendous amount of the cake in the trimmings that have to be discarded. I wanted something that made it easy and allowed the baker to really focus on the artistry and not the architecture," says Kaye Hartman, Petal Crafts founder.

Hartman is a classically trained chef who has been decorating cakes since she was 17 years old. Her cakes have been featured in national magazines and TV programs, most recently The Ellen Degeneres Show. Hartman has been teaching cake decorating since 2004 and her students come from as far away as Asia, Canada and the Middle East. She will soon begin enrollment in her Cake Art Academy, an online cake decorating school launching in September 2011

Petal Crafts Topsy Turvy Cake Pan™ can be purchased with a round or square form The round pan retails for $85.95 and the square pan for $99.95. Professional bakers should contact the company for wholesale pricing.

Hartman has created a specialty web page for Topsy Turvey cake bakers with recipes and photos of sample cakes to inspire the cake artist. Go to www.topsyturvycakepans.com.

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