Friday, August 5, 2011

'Kitchen Nightmares' Show Lives Up To Its Name –Most 'Saved' Restaurants Fail

The popular TV show “Kitchen Nightmares” features world famous chef Gordon Ramsay as he attempts to save near-defunct restaurants before it's too late. Despite the show's hype and proclivity for happy endings, however, the majority of the restaurants “saved” by Ramsay on the show actually fail once the cameras are gone – many almost immediately.

The Pizza Experts, a marketing firm for pizza restaurants, has built an info graphic detailing a season-by-season expose of the ruination that Kitchen Nightmares brings to the restaurants it is supposedly saving.

“Of the eight U.S. restaurants in season one,” says Craig Agranoff of The Pizza Experts, “3 have gone completely out of business, 3 others have sold, and 2 are still operational but deeply in debt. Season 2 of Nightmares gets even worse,” he adds. “Every restaurant showcased and 'saved' is now out of business.”

The infographic details all five seasons with quotes from restaurant owners who say things like “I'm now destitute, I've lost my business, my home and I'm penniless” and “There were a lot of people who don't like Gordon so after the show, they purposely avoided our restaurant.” One restauranteur blamed Gordon's menu changes for a 50% loss in sales.

Of course, the show must go on, and Ramsay and his TV crew will continue finding near-bankrupt restaurants and saving them by making sure they completely fail.

“By all statistical accounts,” says Agranoff, “when Kitchen Nightmares appears on the restaurant's doorstep, that restaurant is doomed.”

That's the part of this reality show you'll never see on TV.

About The Pizza Experts

The Pizza Experts,, are a group of marketing and pizza aficionados who use innovative and out-of-the-pizza-box thinking to get customers inside the eatery for pizza restaurants in South Florida and around the world.

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