Thursday, August 18, 2011

English-style Baker’s Bacon a Cut Above the Norm Monterey chef-restaurateur Tony Baker goes back to his roots

Bacon is a sacred institution, and each year the average American eats nearly 18 pounds of the delectable meat. But much of the bacon we consume is overly fatty, injected with phosphates and water, and mass-produced by large corporations that ignore sustainable practices.

As one of California’s top culinary minds, Chef Tony Baker of Montrio Bistro in Monterey, Calif. leads the way in sourcing and serving the finest quality, delicious, responsibly sourced ingredients.

And his own Baker’s Bacon is no exception. Now Chef Baker has finally realized his dream of providing Americans with small-batch, artisanal, dry-cured, sustainably sourced bacon made in the English style.

Baker’s flagship bacon is his “Back” bacon while traditional American-style bacon comes from the underbelly of the pig, creating meat streaked with fat. Baker’s English-style bacon is derived from the lean back of the pig — a cut above! — cured with a nice balance of sweetness to salt, and a smoky, complex, ham-like flavor.

Sourced from sustainable, naturally raised hogs, Baker’s Back Bacon is hand-rubbed with a blend of sugars, kosher salt and a secret concoction of spices. Next, it’s slowly smoked in a 50+ year old smokehouse for many hours with real apple wood.
“I came up with this bacon out of need, the market is saturated with mass produced watery bacon, I wanted a bacon for my restaurant that met my quality expectations without breaking the bank” said Baker, known for his fresh, seasonal menus with an eye toward sustainability. “It takes me back to my English roots. It really doesn't get any better than this!”

We start with naturally raised hogs, a secret blend of spices, then hand rub and smoke in a smokehouse that's been smoking bacon for over 50 years.”

When sliced it’s commonly called rashers in the United Kingdom, English-style bacon is leaner with more savory meat flavor but with the telltale sweet-and-salt balance and smoky essence we’ve all come to crave from bacon.

Made in the USA but inspired by a centuries’ old method and perfected by a chef’s personal demand for quality and sustainability, Baker’s Bacon is truly a cut above ordinary bacon.

Bakers Bacon is available online. Orders can be placed at All orders are shipped 2 day UPS in artisan packaging and then boxed in insulated packs! For more information or to order today got to

Bakers Bacon: The Facts
Bacon the way it's supposed to be!
Available in three mouthwatering styles!
Baker’s Natural Back Bacon -- English Style Dry Cured and Apple Wood Smoked, Thick Sliced Back Bacon
Baker’s Bacon -- Dry Cured and Naturally Applewood Smoked
Baker’s Double Smoke Bacon -- Dry Cured and Double Naturally Applewood Smoked
The Facts:
· Bakers Bacon is sold in 3 lb retail and 15# wholesale packs
· Baker’s Bacon created for chefs by a chef
· Dry Cured and Naturally Applewood Smoked
· Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Salt, Black Pepper, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite.
· USDA EST. 8273 (the round USDA stamp)
· Made in U.S.A
· Baker’s Back Bacon is made from all natural sustainably raised pork with no growth prominents or antibiotics.
Bakers Bacon is packed in Monterey, California and should be kept refrigerated. For more information go to

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