Friday, August 19, 2011

New for Fall 2011: Van Gogh Vodka introduces Rich Dark Chocolate and Cool Peach flavors

For more than a decade, Van Gogh Vodka has been considered a pioneer in the world of flavored vodkas thanks to their constant innovation and ability to create vibrant and authentic flavors. With close to 20 exceptional flavors in their portfolio already, Van Gogh Vodka is pleased to announce the introduction of two new flavored vodkas to their super-premium line: Rich Dark Chocolate and Cool Peach (SRP: $27.00/ 750ml), both of which will debut this fall 2011.

For years, milk chocolate WAS “chocolate” and the choice of most American’s was probably Hershey’s. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, dark chocolate was discovered for its intensity and possible health benefits leading to a seminal moment in chocolate history. With this new interest, the American palate began to evolve and move toward a more sophisticated taste profile. Like our taste for fine wines, international coffees, specialty cheeses and the like, rich, dark chocolate is also having its moment as the new artisanal treat.

Van Gogh Vodka’s Rich Dark Chocolate Vodka is one of its most decadent and delightful to date displaying an intense chocolate fragrance with hints of coffee, nutmeg and spice. In the mouth, the complex, dark cocoa taste is beautifully complemented by notes of coffee, chili pepper, caramel, and exotic spice giving this sophisticated dark chocolate vodka layers of complexity and slightly spicy finish that will linger on the tongue.

“My inspiration came from ancient history when chocolate was a drink, not a candy as we think of it today,” says Master Distiller Tim Vos. “The Aztecs thought that cocoa was somehow attached to the goddess of Fertility and that’s why they drank it. They were quite sophisticated and often mixed their cocoa with vanilla, chili pepper and pimento – flavors we’re rediscovering as enhancements to chocolate that truly bring out the rich taste.”

“We decided to create Rich Dark Chocolate because we have observed a trend where consumers are migrating away from soft, easy beverages to bold and strong drinks with an edge. Van Gogh Rich Dark Chocolate Vodka has a lot of cocoa, a bit of chili pepper, coffee, caramel and a hint exotic spice—a really sublime combination that offers a wonderfully concentrated chocolate experience.”

Van Gogh was the first brand to introduce chocolate vodka to the market in 2002 with the introduction of their best-selling Dutch Chocolate Vodka. By comparison, their newest chocolate-inspired vodka, Rich Dark Chocolate, contains double the amount of cocoa for a more intense taste that chocolate aficionados will appreciate.

Peaches were originally cultivated in Asia where they have been prized for centuries and a favorite of kings and emperors. The delicate fruit made its way around the world over -- to India, Europe and eventually the Americas. Known by some as the fruit of happiness, riches, honor and longevity, it is no wonder that peach is one of the most requested flavors from Van Gogh devotees. According to Tim Vos, “we receive a large number of requests for peach every year, but we felt it vital to get the flavor just right before any sort of release. While working with peach, we realized that the addition of a small amount of mint added a refreshing zing that we thought really enhanced the overall flavor.”

Van Gogh Cool Peach Vodka features the fantastic combination of ripe, juicy peach complemented by a bright hit of mint. Open a bottle and the fragrance of fresh peach wafts up to the nose mingled with undertones of sweet almond and a touch of mint. Like the nose, the taste is overwhelmingly peach with notes of sweet almond and a welcomed punch from the mint at the very end that leaves a cool and refreshing finish.


About Van Gogh Vodka
Van Gogh flavored vodkas (SRP $27/750ml) are crafted in small batches by Master Distiller Tim Vos at the Royal Dirkzwager Distilleries in Schiedam, Holland, which were given “Royal Appointment” in 2005 by Netherlands’s Queen Beatrix. The Van Gogh Vodka portfolio includes 21 authentically flavored vodkas: A├žai-Blueberry, Banana, Black Cherry, Citroen, Coconut, Dutch Chocolate, Double Espresso®, Espresso, Grape, Mango, Melon, Mojito Mint, Oranje, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Vanilla, Wild Appel, Dutch Caramel, and the brand new Rich Dark Chocolate and Cool Peach – whose pure, refined flavors are naturally infused in a proprietary process. Van Gogh also produces an exceptional Classic 80 proof vodka (SRP $27/750ml), the new Triple Wheat Van Gogh BLUE Vodka (SRP $29/750ml) and a Gin (SRP $27/750) whose finishes are smooth and delicate.

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