Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Line of 12 Organic Spice Blends Makes it Easy to Create Flavorful World Cuisine

Home cooks Thora and Ed Pomicter always had a passion for global cuisine, but were often challenged by ethnic recipes that required so many different spices that it was nearly impossible for them to keep their pantry adequately stocked. To resolve this, and help other home cooks add the flavor of various world cuisines to everyday meals with ease, they created Teeny Tiny Spice Co. of Vermont.

The new collection from Teeny Tiny Spice Co. of Vermont ( includes twelve certified organic spice blends that celebrate the culinary culture of regions around the globe such as South America, East Africa, Northwest and Southwest India, Montréal, Malaysia, Iran, North Africa and the Mediterranean. “We provide spices already combined in proportions to give you just the right flavor profile to create dishes with the essential flavors of North and South, East and West,” says Ed. The blends include: British Curry; Citrus Pepper; Chocolate Chili; Ethiopian Berberé; Garam Masala; Montréal Seasoning; Penang Curry; Perfection Spice Rub; Persian Adwiya; Ras el Hanout; Shepherd Herb Mix; and Vindaloo.

“We’re glad to be solving a problem by offering a product line that allows home cooks to make exotic, flavorful meals in no time and with little work,” says Thora. “The heart and soul of our company comes from these core elements: a commitment to organic, healthy, delicious and exotic cuisine; bringing people together with food; bringing playfulness and joy to your cooking; and simplicity and ease of use,” she adds.

To ensure the freshest spices and herbs, Teeny Tiny Spice blends are made in small batches that are freshly ground just before being packaged. The ingredients are certified organic and of the highest quality. For example, in place of salt and sugar, Himalayan Pink Salt and organic Vermont Maple Sugar are used. The mixtures are offered in mild, medium or hot blends. The "heat" ratings are indicated on the packaging and they range from zero to five.

Each spice blend provides enough spice for at least four to eight "full recipes" depending on the blend and how heavily customers want to spice the dish. To offer home chefs a jumping off point in their culinary explorations, Teeny Tiny Spice Co. of Vermont offers many delicious and unique recipes as well as usage tips.

"The beauty of our blends is how easy it is to use them in meals that you have already been cooking," says Thora. "You can turn a plain chicken and rice meal into a Persian feast or create a sumptuous Southeast Asian meal in no time - all with just a pinch, dash, pile or splash of Teeny Tiny Spice," adds Thora.

Teeny Tiny Spice blends are sold in 2.8 ounce reusable tins for a suggested retail price of $9.95 each. They are currently sold at a growing number of retailers in New England, and can also be purchased through the company's online store at

About Teeny Tiny Spice Co. of Vermont
Teeny Tiny Spice Co. of Vermontä is a family owned and operated specialty food business created by enthusiastic cooks in 2010. The Vermont company creates and manufactures 100% organic spice blends representing various world cuisines. Their mission is to offer healthy organic spice blends that are versatile, easy to use and add exotic flavor to everyday meals. For more information and recipes visit

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