Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday! Celebrate Age Appropriately! From Deussen Global

Silent Generation: Born 1925-1945 are the pioneers that brought us breakthroughs in gender and civil rights. Further, these With 2011 marking the 65th birthday for some baby boomers, this just may be your year to retire! As the U.S. population continues to grow older, the lifespan of Americans follows suit; and what better way to celebrate life’s success than with a stiff drink? No matter which generation you fall under, you should reward your life’s accomplishments and anticipate many more to come.

Happy Birthday!

Americans are responsible for owning three quarters of the nation’s wealth! Along with these accomplishments and privileges come a sense of authority and value for conduct and teamwork; so surround yourself with maturity mirroring the aged grapes of Alsace Wines!

Paul Blanck Gewurztraminer 2007

The taste is clean, fresh, and smooth with tremendous aromatics. A wine that is rich, well-balanced, and very alluring just like the Silent Generation!

Baby Boomer Generation: Born 1946-1964 are those that witnessed and participated in some of the greatest social changes in our country’s history through a resounding sense of optimism, exploration, and achievement! This success is well deserved and progressive, worthy of one of the most awarded rums in the world, Flor de Caña Centenario 18 Year from Nicaragua!

Flor de Ca'a Centenario 18 Year Old

Best served neat or on the rocks; this quality rum should only accompany quality of life because of its full body and rich complexity that Baby Boomers truly deserve!

Generation X: Born 1965-1980 are those who grew up in an era of political and institutional incompetence, creating a great sense of independence that is what sets this generation apart. Coming of age during these years has redefined the standard for those to follow, with a sense of sophistication and quality unlike previous years. Autonomy has overruled codependence; and authenticity is valued over the imaginary, so kick back with the strength of The Standard Martini!

The Standard Martini

2 oz. Russian Standard Vodka
Splash of Dry Vermouth
Splash of olive brine

Method: Shake ingredients gently over ice. Strain and serve in a chilled martini glass for a classic cocktail well deserved of any authentic aristocrat.

Russian Standard Vodka embodies a genuine authenticity factor, as proved by an official Certificate of Origin from the Russian Government.

Millennial Generation: Born 1981-1990 are those living in an era of technology. Always being exposed to cable television, cellular phones, laptop computers, and video games has created a drive for immediacy. Lucid Absinthe is the perfect remedy for such hyperactivity; having been legalized in the United States only four years ago. The allure of this mysterious spirit works best for the newly legal drinkers; so drink with caution!

The Absinthe Drip

½ oz. Lucid Absinthe
Sugar cube
Ice water

Pour 1 ½ oz. Lucid into an absinthe glass. Place sugar cube atop a flat, perforated spoon that rests on the rim of the glass. Slowly drip 4-5 oz. of ice cold water on top of the sugar cube (or directly into the glass), which dissolves into the absinthe. The cold water causes the Lucid to louche into an opalescent cloud as the herbal essences emerge from the absinthe and perfume the room.

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