Thursday, March 24, 2011

Emmi Roth USA Wins Five Awards at 2011 United States Championship Cheese Contest

Emmi Roth USA won five national awards at the 2011 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest on March 10, including four Second Place medals and one Third Place award.

Emmi Roth’s Buttermilk Bleu Affinée earned second place in the Blue Veined category. Select wheels of Buttermilk Blue® are aged for a minimum of six months to create added layers of flavor with peppery notes in this creamy, well-balanced raw milk cheese.

Three other Emmi Roth cheeses also took home second place awards. Ostenbørg® Havarti with Jalapeño, a double cream Danish-style classic, won second place in the Pepper Flavored Cheeses category. With its golden body and buttery flavor, Vintage Van Gogh® Aged Gouda placed second in the Aged Gouda category. MezzaLuna® Fontina, an Italian-style favorite, earned second in the Smear-Ripened Semi-Soft category.

In addition, Emmi Roth’s Grand Cru® Gruyère Reserve, a perennial award-winner, captured third place in the Smear-Ripened Hard Cheese category. Cured for six to nine months, Grand Cru® Gruyère Reserve has nutty undertones and hints of fruitiness – perfect for both cooking and savoring.

“Our cheesemakers take pride in consistently crafting the highest quality cheeses, and these awards certainly underscore our commitment to excellence” say Steve McKeon, Emmi Roth USA’s CEO.

The United States Championship Cheese Contest is the largest, longest-running cheese competition in the U.S., with roots tracing back to the 1890s. Held this year in Green Bay, Wis., the contest occurs only in odd-numbered years. With 1,604 entries from 30 states, this year’s contest was the largest in history.

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About Emmi Roth USA, Inc.

Emmi Roth USA, a subsidiary of Emmi Group, is a leading provider of specialty and artisan cheeses and premium fresh dairy products. Our expansive portfolio includes award-winning cheeses from Switzerland, Europe, and the United States, each crafted with pride from the freshest local milk. Key cheese brands include Kaltbach cave-aged, Grand Cru and Buttermilk Blue. Our specialty dairy products include Swiss Premium Yogurt and Caffe Latte, Emmi’s chilled coffee drink crafted with fresh roasted coffee and the finest milk. Tradition and innovation balance perfectly to deliver distinctive offerings of the highest quality to the retail and food service trades. For more information on Emmi Roth USA and our impressive product assortment and innovative solutions, visit

About Emmi

Emmi Group is the largest Swiss milk processor and one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe. In Switzerland. Emmi focuses on the development, production and marketing of a full range of dairy and fresh products as well as the production, ageing and trade of primarily Swiss cheeses. Outside Switzerland, Emmi concentrates on brand concepts and specialties in European and North American markets. The primary focus in fresh products is on lifestyle, convenience and health products. In the cheese business, Emmi positions itself as the leading company worldwide for cheese from Switzerland. Emmi’s customers are primarily the retail trade, the food service sector and the food industry. In 2009, Emmi achieved net sales of CHF 2.62 billion and employed some 3,525 people (full-time equivalents) in Switzerland and abroad.

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