Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Granny's Garden School Promotes Family Gardening with Garden Starter Kits

In an effort to encourage families to plant vegetables, flowers and other creative and fun landscape features in their backyards, Granny’s Garden School has established the Family Garden Project. For a donation of $25, enrollees will receive a garden starter kit, which includes a selection of more than 20 varieties of vegetable/flower seeds, discounts on compost, a bucket and coupons for free flower, vegetable and herb plants from area growers and nurseries. Participants can email Granny with gardening questions and will be invited to twice monthly in-the-garden learning activities.

The Family Garden project was created in 2009 as a simple way for families to start gardening without having to spend a lot of time, money or resources. Family gardening fosters an environment of togetherness, encourages families to spend time together outside and instills in children a lifelong appreciation of nature and the interdependence of all living things in the environment. Participating families can grow their own food, herbs and flowers to enjoy and share.

Families simply need to register at and then pick up their kits at Granny’s Garden School, 20 Miamiview Dr. in Loveland. For more information about the Family Garden Project or any other Granny’s Garden School programs, refer to, call 513.324.2873 or email Roberta Paolo (Granny) at

About Granny’s Garden School
Founded in 2002, Granny’s Garden School is the largest and most comprehensive school garden program in the Midwest. Though located on the 25-acre campus of the consolidated primary and elementary schools in Loveland, Ohio, it is a separate 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and is not funded by the school district. The schools are attended by approximately 1,700 students and feature more than 100 vegetables gardens, many flower gardens and a 75 mile nature trail.

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