Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily Nutrition Essentials 2011

Be good to your body and your body will be good to you! EBOOST has bottled up its goodness with a new all-natural Super Berry Liquid Shot. Providing sustainable energy and strengthening the body’s immune system naturally, EBOOST is formulated with today’s top 3 essentials – Resveratrol, Quercetin and Vitamin D. We detailed these ingredients below, and why you want to start incorporating them into your daily diet.


Vitamin D

Benefits: Since 2008, a great deal of research has shown Vitamin D to be beneficial for bone health, immunity, even cancer prevention. Since then, sales of Vitamin D have doubled.

What to consider: The sun is the best source of Vitamin D. However, supplementation is a good choice for people who do not have access to sun exposure year-round, and those who are at particularly high risk of developing disease. Use this tip - look for supplements that say “Vitamin D3” or “cholecalciferol” on the label, as it’s produced industrially by exposing 7-dehydrocholesterol from wool fat to UVB light, followed by purification.


Benefits: Polyphenols, specifically resveratrol, was unknown until a few years ago after Harvard studies found the compound reversed nearly all changes in gene expression patterns found in mice--some of which are associated with diabetes, heart disease, and other significant conditions related to obesity.

What to consider: Resveratrol is very reactive by nature, so experts across the board agree that resveratrol performs best in supplement form.


Benefits: This plant-derived flavonoid, found in fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains, has become quite popular for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor and anti-viral properties. The benefits also extend to providing the body with nutrients and has become popular among athletes involved in intensive physical activities. In fact, studies on these athletes found that those who consumed this quercetin supplement showed an increase in their performance during exercise.

What to consider: Speak to a health professional if you have any sensitivities to citrus fruits or are on hormone replacement therapy or blood pressure drugs.

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