Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cocktail Recipes from Peligroso

What sets Peligroso apart from all the others on the market is our three separate types of glass to further distinguish the unique character of each type of tequila. The Silver uses a crystal clear flint glass to reflect the purity of the juice, mix that up for a refreshing tequila sunrise. The Reposado uses a rustic finished glass to give more of an antiqued look to match the golden aged nature of the juice, perfect for a salted margarita. Lastly, the Añejo is bottled in a sleek and mysterious satin black glass bottle that alludes to the complex layers and undertones of the long aged tequila, think boys poker night.

Below are some awesome drink recipes that will definitely spice up your Cinco de Mayo celebrations and satisfy all levels of tequila connoisseurs!!

1) Peligroso Thai Basil Cucumber Margarita
-1.5 oz Peligroso Silver
-2 oz Agave Nectar or simple syrup
-2 fresh limes squeezed
- 1 cucumber
-3-4 Thai Basil leafs
-Splash of ginger ale
-Black pepper
Combined Thai basil and two slices of cumber in a shaker, and muddle with the agave nectar or simple syrup. Add the fresh lime juice and tequila with crystal clear ice. Shake vigorously, and pour over the rocks. Garnish with a cucumber slice on the side with a sprig of basil. Throw just a small pinch of black pepper on top.

2) The Peligroso Fresh Fruit Margarita
-Orginal Lime/Pineapple/Mango
-1.5-2 oz of either Peligroso Reposado or Peligroso Silver Tequila
- 1-1.5 oz of triple sec
-1/2 of a fresh lime squeezed
-Fill the glass to the top with fresh fruit juice
- Shake all ingredients together in a shaker, and return back to glass

3) CC Donkey Show
Created by classic surfboard shaper Chris Christenson
-1 1/4 oz. Peligroso Silver Tequila
-3 oz. ginger beer
-1 tsp. sugar syrup
-1/4 oz. lime juice
-1 sprig mint
-1 slice lime
Served over ice in a tall glass and enjoy!

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