Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Panda All Natural Licorice Offers a Halloween Treat with no Tricks

The scariest parts about Halloween aren’t the ghosts or goblins – they’re the ingredients in the treats that children traditionally enjoy for the holiday. Many of these Halloween treats are packed with artificial flavors, artificial colors and fat. Panda All Natural Licorice, the first all-natural licorice brand and the best-selling licorice in the American natural food market, is a fat-free, guilt-free treat that’s sure to take some of the scare out of Halloween snacking.

Panda Licorice offers a sweet and healthier alternative for kids and adults to snack on this Halloween. Panda original black licorice, available in chews and bars, contains only four ingredients: molasses, wheat flour, licorice extract and natural flavor from aniseed oil. Panda cherry and raspberry flavors, also available in chews and bars, are made with real fruit puree. These delicious sweets contain no fat, no preservatives, no artificial colors and no artificial flavors. Licorice bars contain only 100 calories and licorice chews only 130 calories per serving. These benefits make Panda a better-for-you Halloween snack with none of the tricks and all of the treat.

Panda Licorice is available at natural food stores and select traditional grocery and drug stores. Looking for Panda at a store near you? Visit www.internaturalfoods.com or www.worldfiner.com.

About Panda
Based in Finland, Panda has a long tradition of licorice know-how since it began delighting customers with the sweet in 1927. Since its debut in the U.S. in 1977, Panda still ranks as the first all natural licorice and one of the top selling confectionery products in the natural food industry. Its success within the natural food industry has helped Panda Licorice expand its presence into other retail outlets. Panda All Natural Licorice is distributed by InterNatural Foods, LLC and World Finer Foods. To check availability at a store near you, visit www.internaturalfoods.com or www.worldfiner.com.More information is also available at www.pandalicorice.com. Become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PandaLicoriceUSA. Follow us on Twitter @PandaLicoriceUS.

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