Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celebrate with these Spooky Cocktails from Barcardi

Halloween is the spookiest time of year and is the perfect excuse for hosting your own haunted Halloween bash. Search for your scariest costume, stock up on seasonal candy and invite your friends over to join in on the eerie and ghoulish festivities. Impress your guests with one of these spooky and delicious Halloween themed cocktails from BACARDI®, “rum of the bat”.

3 1/3 parts BACARDI® Superior Rum
1 part grenadine
1 part triple sec
2 parts sweet and sour mix
2 parts orange juice
Shake all ingredients with ice and pour into tall glass.
Float small portion BACARDI ® 151° Rum. Garnish with fresh fruit.

1 part BACARDI® O™ Flavored Rum
4 parts Cream Soda
Pour ingredients over ice. Garnish with orange wedge.

2 parts BACARDI 8 Year Old Rum
½ part Sloe Gin
2 doz. Redcurrants
½ part fresh lemon juice
½ part vanilla syrup
Cubed Ice
A small bunch of redcurrants to garnish

Muddle the redcurrants in the bottom of a shake
Add all other ingredients (except the garnish)
Throw in some ice and give a good hard shake
Double strain into a chilled or frozen cocktail glass
Garnish with red currants

2 parts BACARDI® Superior Rum
1 part Cognac
2 parts Fresh Orange Juice
½ art Orgeat Syrup
1 part fresh lemon juice
Cubed Iced
Sprig of mint to garnish

Pour all the ingredients (except the garnish) into a shaker
Throw in some ice and give it a good shake
Strain into a highball or Collins glass half-full of ice
Garnish with a sprig of mint

3 parts BACARDI® Superior Rum
1 part Raspberry Liqueur
2 parts Cranberry Juice

Mix together in a shaker with ice and strain into a shot glass.

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