Wednesday, May 19, 2010

illycaffe Y1 Espresso Machine

Illy is once again charting a new course for premium coffee, introducing a striking new espresso machine quite unlike any other. The Francis Francis Y1 creates café-quality, authentic Italian espresso from a diminutive 9.5-inch square base – elegantly smooth, spare yet substantial, fashioned from tempered glass and brushed aluminum.

Countertop-challenged urban dwellers, modern design enthusiasts and anyone passionate about fine coffee and legendary illy quality: your new espresso machine has arrived. The Y1’s diminutive footprint belies illy’s revolutionary iperEspresso capsule system, producing a delightfully aromatic, full-bodied yet remarkably smooth espresso, with velvety crema, at one touch of a button. Simply place an iperEspresso capsule inside the Y1’s mini tower (less than 11 inches tall), press start, and enjoy flawless, authentic, Italian espresso in just seconds.

The Y1’s original design takes inspiration from a drinking fountain, representing a source of pleasure from which to readily partake. The Y1’s elegant tower is akin to the fountain’s spout, delivering precious drops. The idea flows naturally from illy’s appreciation of, and longtime association with designers and artists, emerging and established. Jeff Koons and James Rosenquist are among the nearly 100 leading contemporary artists to design cups for the illy Art Collection, the renowned collection of striking espresso and cappuccino cups.

“Our new Y1 embodies illy's belief that coffee is best enjoyed with all the senses. This truly original design demonstrates the roles sight and touch can and should play,” said Andrea Illy, CEO of illycaffè. ”The Y1 sacrifices nothing for its beauty and size, incorporating our iperEspresso capsule system that effortlessly assures café quality results.”

Etched into the Y1’s tempered glass surface, in deep, signature illy red, is the whimsical iperEspresso flower icon, indicating where to place cups for pre-extraction warming. A cleverly hidden water tank has 0.7-liter (23.7-ounce) capacity, enough for about 15 standard-size espressos. Used capsules are automatically ejected and stored in a built-in drawer.

The Y1 can be preordered now at, priced at $125 (a $295 value) when purchased with monthly delivery of fresh iperEspresso capsules.

Innovating in coffee is standard procedure and passion at illy, the family-owned coffee company that was founded upon Francesco Illy’s perfecting the modern method for espresso more than 75 years ago. Illy is among the food industry’s leaders in patents awarded, ranking with diversified, global companies many times its size.

About illycaffè
Illycaffè makes the world’s finest Italian coffee, and is a leader in quality, innovation, and technology. A third generation company based in Trieste, Italy, illy produces and markets a unique, single blend of coffee from nine distinct Arabica beans sourced on four continents, delivering to people passionate about coffee an authentic Italian coffee experience of the highest quality. Illy is available in more than 50,000 of the finest restaurants and coffee bars, in more than 140 countries, where more than six million cups of illy coffee are served every day. Globally, illy employs more than 700 people.

Illy buys the highest quality Arabica directly from growers, through partnerships based on the mutual creation of value. The company fosters long-term collaborations with the world’s finest coffee growers – in Brazil, Central America, India and Africa – providing know-how and technology, and offering above-market prices.

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