Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TastingRoom Finder iPhone Application is Here!

World of Wine Events, LLC, creator of the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival, announced today the launch of its "TastingRoom Finder" iPhone application. The application is the ultimate wine traveler's guide to wine tasting rooms around the country, said Ken Loyst, partner at Fast Forward Ventures, the management arm of World of Wine Events, LLC.

"Wine enthusiasts can now travel the United States with the most indispensable wine tasting guide at their fingertips," adds Loyst. "Whether you are in the heart of Napa Valley, or in the middle of the nation, the 'TastingRoom Finder' application brings wine country to you, with a complete wine collection feature, and an exceptional locator that makes connecting with winery tasting rooms a cinch. Unlike any other iPhone application on the market today, 'TastingRoom Finder' allows travelers the luxury of effortlessly mapping and planning a wine tasting experience directly on their iPhones, and collect wine data, including an instance photo of the label, in the 'My Wines' feature."

"TastingRoom Finder" is now available for download on the Apple iPhone App Store for $4.99. The features of the application include:

Find the location of 3,180 wine tasting rooms throughout the United States on a map
A pop-up menu of name, address, and clickable phone numbers for each tasting room shown on the map
Shows the user's map position in relation to the tasting room
Search tasting rooms by state, by nearest, and alphabetically
Save tasting rooms in a favorites and get driving directions to each tasting room selected for your visit
Rate individual tasting rooms in your favorite list

Collect favorite wines in a list with photo of label, name, winery, year, varietal, price, rating, and notes for each
Take a picture of your wine label to complete recognition in your favorite wines
Browse your favorite list by rating or most recent
A quick reference guide to 96 white and 83 red grape varieties with a description of each, including Classic Varieties, Major Varieties, and Significant Regional Varieties
A reference guide to the American Viticulture Areas sorted by state, by AVA region, or alphabetically
A separate bookmark function to find the most recent tasting rooms, or favorite wines
A most recent function to find the most recent tasting rooms
A Top Rated function to show the user's top rated tasting rooms in order of highest to lowest rating

"The application serves as a great wine tasting resource for those who love wine and love to travel," says Loyst. "Offering a wide range of functions and features, the 'TastingRoom Finder' application is the first wine tasting guide that wine lovers will not want to be without."

ABOUT TastingRoom Finder

The TastingRoom Finder iPhone application is a complete traveler's guide to wine tasting rooms throughout the United States. Features of the application include finding the location of over 3,100 tasting rooms, full directions with GPS tracking, user lists of favorite tasting rooms, reference guides to wine varietals, and much more. The TastingRoom Finder application was developed by World of Wine Events, LLC and is managed by Fast Forward Ventures. To purchase the TastingRoom Finder application, please search "TastingRoom Finder" in the iTunes App Store or click here.


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S Fargo said...

Just bought this app after reading your blog. I like the functions and especially the locate by nearest feature - I didn't realize there were so many wineries near where I live. And, the additional features of saving wine I taste or getting info on the grape varieties - this has it all! It's about time someone is putting it all together so I don't have to own hundreds of apps...