Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beijing Noodle NO. 9 at Caesars Palace to Offer Special 9/9/09 Menu

For the upcoming propitious date of Sept. 9, 2009 or 9/09/09, Beijing Noodle No. 9 at Caesars Palace will offer a special menu for the day. The "9 Tastes of Beijing Noodle No. 9" menu's price per person: $19.99. Guests will experience tastes of the following fare:

Cucumber with Garlic and Vinegar
Pickled Cabbage Beijing Style
Har Gow Shrimp Dumplings (2)
"Shiu-Mai" Pork and Shrimp Dumplings (2)
Chef Yu's Pork and Chives Dumplings (2)
Handmade Noodle with Sliced Pork and Mushroom
Sautéed Beef Fried Rice
Kung Pao Chicken
Red Bean Paste Bun
Nine is significant to the Chinese culture. As the Emperor's number, nine represents longevity. The number is also strongly associated with the Chinese Dragon, a symbol of magic and power.

For more information or reservations go to http://www.caesarspalace.com or call (702) 731-7266.

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