Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Help protect children's health

Soggy tater tots. Mystery meat. Fast-food pizza and refined sugar.

This is the reality of our children's school lunches and it is time for some serious change.

On September 7th, people in all 50 states are coming together at nearly 300 "Eat-ins" to show their support for real food in schools. With the National Day of Action just five days away, we critically need your gift today to help grow our movement and force our legislators to take notice.

And here's the best part: during the month of September only, your donation of any amount will make you a member of Slow Food USA.

Here's why we need your support right now. Slow Food USA is working to directly impact national and local food policies. From the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act to the Farm Bill, we will be building alliances, bringing in key industry experts and heading to Washington to demand change.

Our National Day of Action marks the beginning of these efforts. Your gift today will allow us to take immediate action in the days following September 7. With your help, we can turn the power generated by thousands of people attending hundreds of Eat-ins into a movement that makes real impact on America's food policy. Will you help us grow the movement by becoming a member today?

Membership normally starts at $60, but from now until September 30th, your gift of any amount makes you a part of this movement. Give more if you can and less if you can't. The point is - we want you with us.

Our kids deserve more than mystery meat and our communities need access to fresh, real food. Your support today will help make that happen.

Thanks for your support and we look forward to your involvement!

Josh Viertel
President, Slow Food USA

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