Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Exquisite Gift Idea- Limited Edition Aged Tequila in Baccarat

Grand Reserve is housed in hand-blown Baccarat crystal, the only tequila bottle that has ever been designed and produced by Baccarat. These exquisite one of a kind bottles are made in France and are individually numbered by hand, and only 1000 were created. The exclusivity of the Baccarat tequila bottle is unrivaled. Each bottle is embraced in an ebonized hardwood box and is paired with a sterling silver lock, key, and necklace. Grand Reserve is making waves with tequila connoisseurs everywhere. Dos Lunas Grand Reserve retails for $2500 and is sold only through select retailers, and by special order.

Dos Lunas Grand Reserve is tequila unlike any you’ve ever tasted. This extra-Añejo tequila is aged for ten years in Spanish sherry oak casks (in Guadalajara, Mexico), making it the oldest commercially available tequila on the market. This 100% blue agave tequila is completely all-natural, free from all chemicals, enzymes or additives. The beautiful amber color is slightly darker than other extra- Añejo tequilas because it rests in a single cask for over a decade. The combination of 100% blue agave and the sherry oak barrels is what makes this a one of a kind spirit.

This tequila is not one to shoot, but to sip, and belongs in a snifter Savoring each drop is what allows each flavor to come alive. The truly delicate aroma and taste easily rivals the sophistication and refinement of a fine cognac. It is a luxury to experience the time, quality and taste that goes into each bottle.

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