Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Naturally Wheatgrass, Pomegranate Plus Resveratrol, and AloePure

After the recent successful launch of Acai Daily Cleanse™, Acai Immune Booster™, and Peaceful Sleep™, AgroLabs, Inc. announces three new products to its collection of liquid nutrition supplements for the fall: Naturally Wheatgrass™, Pomegranate Plus Resveratrol™ and AloePure™.

Joining the impressive lineup of innovative health-minded supplements, three new additions to the AgroLabs arsenal include Naturally Wheatgrass™, Pomegranate® Plus Resveratrol and AloePure™. Known widely through heath food stores and juice bars, Naturally Wheatgrass™ provides an all-natural, nutrient-enriched juice that is free of harmful bacteria, preservatives or chemicals. It has everything you want from wheatgrass with the convenience of having in your own home without having to visit a health food store or juice bar. Helping to neutralize free radicals, increase cardiovascular health and boost antioxidant defenses, Pomegranate® Plus Resveratrol contains Punicalagin, a powerful tannin that when combined with the antioxidants in pomegranates and heart-healthy Resveratrol promotes overall circulatory wellness. Certified by the exclusive International Aloe Science Council, AloePure™ is a concentrated organic aloe supplement that is convenient, environmentally friendly and a great value. It hasverything you expect from aloe in a new, concentrated form.

Naturally Wheatgrass™, Pomegranate® Plus Resveratrol, and AloePure™ will be available to consumers this fall in major club stores nationwide and also select drug, grocery, and mass-market outlets in the United States and Canada. AgroLabs brings clinical science and natural health benefits to liquid nutrition, promoting a healthy lifestyle to their consumers and the environment with nutritional dietary supplements in aseptic packaging.

Harnessing the superfruit of the Amazon, Acai Daily Cleanse™ and Acai Immune Booster™ are enhanced with acai berry, powerful antioxidants and scientific innovation to create health-boosting supplements targeting the immune and digestive systems. Acai Daily Cleanse™ fiber enriched formula boasts LuraLean®, an all-natural water-soluble ingredient designed to expand only when it reaches the stomach to help to regulate proper intestinal and colon function and help you feel slimmer and energized. Acai Immune Booster™ is the first ever nationally distributed liquid supplement to include EpiCor®, a clinically-researched, nutrient-rich complex that educates the immune system how to work more efficiently by providing the proper immune response to both over and under stimulation. The Peaceful Sleep™ formula is designed to rejuvenate the mind and body by assisting in a healthy night’s sleep. Containing a powerful mixture of ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, and passion flower, Peaceful Sleep™ allows the body to rest and recover.

For more information about AgroLabs, please visit: www.AgroLabs.com

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Different body requires different nutrition, so it is advisable to consult first with a physician before taking any supplements. Everyone should bare in mind that aside from taking supplements, one must be conscious of his diet and daily activities to live a healthy lifestyle.
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