Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The all-natural, kids’ frozen food company, Pitter Patties

Over scheduled moms guilty of offering up chicken fingers and hot dogs as nutritious meals to their kids are getting some more help in the frozen food aisle, thanks to Pitter Patties (www.PitterPatties.com), the healthy frozen food line for youngsters.

Viva Vegan, a tasty blend of legumes, whole grain quinoa, carrots, tomato, peas & spices, is Pitter Patties’ latest and greatest superfood for superkids! Gluten and dairy free, Viva Vegan Pitter Patties are fully cooked muffin shaped casseroles that you simply pop in the microwave to warm before serving, and a perfect option for allergy-prone children.

When you compare the popular vegan alternative--a peanut butter & jelly sandwich—to a Viva Vegan casserole, the proof is in the Patties: Viva Vegan it has 49% less sodium, 87% less fat, and 87% less sugar! Wondering if you have to be a vegan to enjoy Pitter Patties Viva Vegan mini casseroles? Let’s just say they were thoroughly kid-tested…and devoured each and every time.

Created by proud moms Susan Stahly and Kerry Williams, the Pitter Patties concept came to life when they realized, like all moms, the day is never long enough. “Life can get hectic juggling everyday responsibilities,” says Susan, “and unfortunately, cooking meals from scratch daily is not realistic.”

That’s when Susan began experimenting with healthy recipes free of salt, sugar and white flour. She’d bake large batches adding different whole grains and spices, divide them into individual servings and store them in the freezer. When lunch and dinner came along, out they came. To make a long story short, once Susan realized the real need for a fast kid-friendly fix like this in the marketplace, she and Kerry took a chance and created Pitter Patties!

Other available varieties of Pitter Patties’ muffin shaped frozen entrées include:

Yammy Chicken--a sweet combination of hormone free chicken, yams, apples and whole grain brown rice
Pasghetti--a tasty combination of whole grain pasta, savory tomato sauce and natural cheeses
Zucchini Cheezini--a delightful blend of zucchini, mushrooms, natural cheeses and whole grain oats
Spinach Patch--a vegetarian mix of spinach and mushrooms, all-natural ricotta cheese and farm fresh eggs

Pitter Patties do NOT contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, white flour, antibiotics, hormones or trans fats. They are baked, not fried. They DO contain the needed vitamins, calcium, iron and protein necessary for young children and cater from ages 1 on up. Parents, too, have been known to sneak some Pitter Patties here and there.

*For a fast and healthy breakfast, treat your kids to a Spinach Patch. Got a lunch box? Heat and wrap up your Pitter Patties in foil.

Pitter Patties are available at select Whole Foods stores throughout California and online through Ramona’s Family Natural Grocer (www.RamonaFamilyNaturals.com). Prices range from $6.99-$8.99 for a box of four casseroles. (Pitter Patties donates a portion of their proceeds to a variety of childrens' charities.)

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