Thursday, June 4, 2009

Personalize Your Father's Day Gift With CORZO Tequila

Honor your Dad with a personalized gift that complements his distinguished tastes. Just in time for Father’s Day, CORZO™ Tequila is offering personalized labels for their award winning bottle. Made of pure metal, the labels can accommodate a personalized message with up to 3 lines of text with up to 18 characters per line. The labels are complimentary and can be ordered exclusively online at
beginning May 15th. Once ordered, the custom label is delivered to your door in approximately 2- 3 weeks.

Double aged and triple distilled, with twice the Agave of other tequilas, the metal labels are made to fit all of CORZO’s hand-bottled luxury marques:

· CORZO® Silver is the perfect gift for the man who enjoys a fine sipping tequila or sophisticated cocktail. Flavors of tropical fruit and peppery spice harmoniously blended to create a delicate finish. SRP $47.99

· CORZO® Reposado is double aged in small white oak barrels for additional smoothness and flavor. It combines the elegance of CORZO Silver with hints of oak and honey resulting in a full flavor that is best enjoyed in cocktails or neat. SRP: $52.99

CORZO® Anejo is the perfect tequila for full-bodied sipping. The flavors of warm caramel and golden raisin lead to a pleasingly long yet clean finish with gentle hints of oak. Best enjoyed neat. SRP: $56.99
With the addition of a special, personalized message, CORZO is certain to make your Father’s Day toast one to remember.


Triple-Distilled, Highland Agave, CORZO® Defines Modern Luxury

One of today’s fastest-growing brands, CORZO® Tequila offers luxury with credentials, a contemporary image that defines the concept of modern luxury and a legitimate quality story that distinguishes it from other spirits in the category. Created to take the category to a new level of refinement, CORZO Silver tequila is made from the finest ingredients and uses a unique triple distillation process for an impeccably clean, ultra smooth finish. CORZO Reposado and Anejo are the only tequilas to be mellowed prior to a third distillation resulting in a double mellowed, triple distilled spirit with twice the Agave of most other brands. Demonstrating a commitment to excellence unprecedented in its category, CORZO symbolizes a progressive step into the new world of contemporary luxury spirits.


Each bottle of CORZO is 7-12 years in the making using an advanced, hand-crafted process which complements the brand’s modern style. To begin, CORZO uses twice the agave compared to most other tequilas. Though more expensive, these highly aggressive “cuts” are made to isolate only the purest heart of the distillate. This requires a larger stock of 100% Blue Agave that is sourced from Los Altos de Jalisco, an area of Mexico recognized as the premier agave growing region in the world. The nutrient-rich soil and higher altitude produce agave with higher brix/sugar content, which creates CORZO tequilas’ sweeter, fruitier notes of flavor.

The distillation process also involves several extra steps not taken by many tequila suppliers. The first is the removal of the agave’s cogollo, a laboring process that extracts the center of the Pina containing the plant’s bitter flavors. Next, CORZO uses an extended cooking cycle to provide greater consistency. Longer, double fermentation produces more complex flavor. And, as noted, unlike most tequilas, CORZO is triple distilled resulting in a finish that’s exceptionally smooth and impeccably clean.

Moreover, CORZO is the only tequila to incorporate a second mellowing process prior to the third distillation. For CORZO Reposado and Anejo, this advanced technique of double mellowing between distillation cycles enhances the oak and vanilla flavors while maintaining the softness and smoothness of the finish. All mellowing takes place in small, white oak barrels which enhances flavor due to greater surface contact with the wood.

Finally, CORZO is hand bottled, ensuring care and perfection in each of its three luxury marques:

· CORZO® Silver - clear in color with a dry, light-to medium-bodied palate.
Flavors of tropical fruit and peppery spice harmoniously blended to create a delicate finish. SRP $47.99

· CORZO® Reposado – entices the pallet with warm hints of a white oak and a custard finish. Top notes of lemon, coconut, baked banana and brown spice compliment its use in the most luxurious cocktails like the CORZO Modern Margarita. SRP: $52.99

CORZO® Anejo – the perfect tequila for full-bodied sipping, opens with the flavors of warm caramel and golden raisin. Floral tones lead to a rich, honey-toasted oak finish with baked fruits, spice and toffee. SRP: $56.99


Created by world renowned designer, Fabien Baron in the spirit of Modern Mexican architecture, CORZO tequilas’ distinctive angular package sets it apart from the crowd of ordinary tequilas. The handsome, award-winning bottle reflects the designs of Luis Barragán Morfin, considered the most impactful Mexican architect of the 20th century. Its waterfall mouth is a tribute to one of Barragán Morfin’s most famous fountains located in Los Cabos.

CORZO is currently available in fine restaurants, clubs and wine and spirits stores in most US markets. For more information on CORZO, please visit

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