Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Noodles Every Day: Delicious Asian Recipes from Ramen to Rice Sticks

Anyone who has travelled in Asia knows that, no matter the country, the noodle reigns supreme: noodle dishes are eaten as full meals, light meals, or snacks at all hours of the day and night, and can be found from the temples of haute cuisine to the most informal of street vendors. In Noodles Every Day, Asian cuisine expert Corinne Trang presents more than 70 tempting, easy-to-prepare noodle recipes that bring the wide range of the delicious flavors of Asia to the discerning home cook.

You'll discover such great delights as the Vietnamese rice noodle soup known as pho, Thailand’s mee krob (a sweet and crispy fried rice vermicelli) and pad Thai, Korean stir-fried cellophane noodles, known as chap chae, and Japanese soba. Of course, the noodles don't stop there. Try Udon with Braised Sweet and Spicy Beef Short Ribs or Egg Noodles with Wonton Soup and Asian Greens. Soba with Grilled Asparagus and Sea Scallops with Sweet Miso Sauce is a wonderful summer treat. Stir-Fried Rice Sticks with Tamarind Sauce, Dried Shrimp, Tofu, Sprouts, and Eggs are deliciously tangy. Spicy Sweet Potato Noodles and Kimchi Stew is a Korean favorite. And nothing is more fun than some Fried Crab and Pork Spring Rolls.

Chapters are organized by type of noodle: Wheat, Egg, Buckwheat, Rice, and Cellophane, followed by a section on Buns, Dumplings, and Spring Rolls. Noodles Every Day includes details on basic Asian ingredients plus information on simple equipment you need and easy techniques to master to ensure each dish comes out perfect every time. Mail Order Sources even help cooks find unusual ingredients, but the emphasis here is on simple – if you can cook spaghetti, you can cook any of the noodle dishes in Noodles Every Day!

Corinne Trang, dubbed the “Julia Child of Asian Cuisine,” is the award-winning author of The Asian Grill and writes articles for Food & Wine, Cooking Light, and Saveur. She lives in New York City. Visit http://www.corinnetrang.com

Maura McEvoy is a food, travel and lifestyle photographer. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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