Thursday, June 11, 2009

dailysource Multi-vitamin

A new product promising to deliver much-needed vitamins to nutrient-deprived consumers has launched nationwide today.

daily source™ isn’t just a vitamin supplement. With its breakthrough technology, it is a complete blend of health and well being. The specially-selected vitamins, minerals and herbal compounds in daily source™ provide a substantial increase in nutritional value, first, due to their synergy, and second, due to their nano-encapsulation. livethesource™’s All Natural Patented Nanotechnology™ process creates a vitamin particle small enough to be absorbed with maximum efficiency.

Nanotechnology is the increasingly popular science of the incredibly small. It is a state-of-the-art process used in medicine, food, robotics and virtually any other high-tech system now emerging from the scientific community. As it applies to food and nutritional supplements, nanotechnology is now being utilized to reduce the particle size of various compounds to a relatively small size for efficient absorption in the body’s cells. One of the best ways to create nano-size particles is through encapsulation. The technology separates and then envelops molecules in the active compound.

livethesource™’s All Natural Patented Nanotechnology™ process uses only natural plant lipids, including soy, as the basis for its nano-encapsulation. This ensures that the compounds dissolve gradually, providing a sustained release of the vitamins, minerals and herbal compounds. By the time the body has absorbed the nutrients in this safe and efficient manner, the nano-particle has completely dissolved. In other words, the plant lipids are metabolized, just as any other food would be.

daily source™ is free of allergens, such as yeast, corn, wheat, lactose, dairy, citrus, egg, fish and nut products. It contains no sugar, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. With a light cinnamon-berry taste, daily source™ is available in a 30oz bottle – a 30 day supply – and retails for $48. To learn more about livethesource™, to become a distributor, or to order daily source™, visit

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