Thursday, June 11, 2009

1,000 converter boxes donated to Cincinnati's Freestore Foodbank

Arthur Middleton Capital Holdings Inc. has donated 1,000 converter boxes to local residents in need to assist them with the June 12 digital changeover Overall, 2,500 boxes are being donated statewide.

In Cincinnati, 250 converter boxes will be distributed to those in need 8 am. Friday by the FreeStoreFoodBank, 112 E. Liberty St., Cincinnati. Participants are asked to show ID, proof of address and income. Officials said 250 other converter boxes will be distributed to current clients in ongoing programs and 500 additional boxes will be distributed through other member agencies.

June 12 is the last day TV stations are able to use analog signals. Those who use only rabbit-ear antennas will be unable to watch television after that date. Recent research says about three million households nationwide are not ready for the transition.

The boxes being distributed are Sansonic’s FT300A, which was rated by Consumer Reports as one of the best converter boxes for picture quality.

Arthur Middleton Capital Holdings, a Canton, Ohio, holding company for various retail and direct marketing companies, is the seventh largest employer overall in Stark County with over 1,100 associates.

“With our donation, we wanted to help Ohio families prepare for the transition and are happy to team up with the Better Business Bureau to make this happen.” Director of Operations Robert Castaldo said.

Arthur Middleton would like to thank the Cincinnati BBB for its assistance in facilitating this donation.

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