Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baronia brings the Heart and Flavor of Italy's Finest Pasta to America!

Baronia Pasta is launching its brands to a new audience in the United States,
sharing the heart and flavor of Italy's finest durum wheat with American
connoisseurs! De Matteis, owner and manufacturer of Baronia, is one of only
a handful of Italian pasta factories with its own mill, blending old world charm
with state-of-art technology and controlling the entire pasta-production line,
starting with its essential ingredients, and following a quality-oriented

"The heart of any good pasta is the flour extracted from the core of every
wheat berry," says Mr. Marco De Matteis of Baronia Pasta adding, "Our pasta
is made from extremely simple raw materials of semolina dough and water and
its consistency of flavor and quality are a direct consequence of the wheat
and the grinding processes. What better production plant could there
possibly be than ours where the pasta factory is completely integrated with
the nearby mill?"

The Baronia pasta factory not only boasts a plant with the capacity to grind
400 tons of wheat per day and the capacity to manufacture over 100,000
tons of pasta per year; but they are also equipped with superior technologies
that make it possible to calibrate the processing of specific types of wheat to
ensure the maximum purity of the semolina obtained, conserving the
nutritional qualities of the wheat. They also have unmatched quality controls
in place making it possible to trace a single box of pasta throughout the
production line. In addition to the traditional cuts of short and long pastas,
they produce bronze-dye pastas, nests, lasagnas, and oversized "Artigianale"
pastas in the home-made, Campania tradition, amounting to over 130
different cuts. It is one of the few pasta factories that can create such a
wide range of dry pasta products exclusively at its own factory.

Five specific product lines are currently available and pay homage to the best
in Italian tradition! Look for classics, special holiday pastas, the organics,
soup pastas, and the home-made artisanal line. These will be available in the
North East, in foodies' heavens like Di Bruno Bros. in Philadelphia and on the
portfolio of distributors such as the Russo Food Market. Currently they are
also found at New Jersey's Sickles Market in Little Silver as well as at Bella
Italia in Freehold, with plans to increase distribution over the coming year.

Baronia is not just "another pasta," it is the quintessence of Italian artistry,
offering sublime quality at a reasonable price. Made with passion in a safe and
healthy environment, Baronia was awarded Certification of its Corporate
Responsibility Management System in conformity to SA8000 and meets The
IFS (International Food Standard) certification standards. All Baronia pasta
lines are certified Kosher by the Jewish Orthodox Union. Their intriguing
pasta varieties, new to the American market, will impress any table and make
a statement about the one and only "Made in Italy".

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