Monday, June 1, 2009

The Grilly Goat

It's a set of products that combines the best of all
worlds when it comes to grilling accessories. The new Grilly Goat grill set
from Sackso Enterprises LLC includes the long-reaching Basting Tongs, a
soft silicone basting brush head that inserts into the tip of the tongs, and
the uniquely-designed Sauce Pot, all in one useful patent pending tool set.
The Grilly Goat set reduces the hazards, number of tools needed, and mess
associated with cooking and basting meats and vegetables on grills.

The Basting Tongs feature soft, no-slip grip pads for comfort, and are
designed with scalloped tip-ends to firmly grab grilled items without
damage. Its 16-inch length keeps hands away from grease flare-ups. As for
the Grilly Goat Sauce Pot, any cup, bowl or pot can hold sauce, but the
two-cup capacity Grilly Goat Sauce Pot also conveniently doubles as a cradle
for the Basting Tongs. Its slot and tab design keeps the tongs in place over
the pot to help keep areas around the grill clean. Additionally, the large
ergonomic handle of the pot minimizes fatigue while maximizing vessel
stability to virtually eliminate spills.

"One Saturday I found myself without a basting brush when preparing to grill
for a party," says Sackso Enterprises Founder Ed Spellman, "so I improvised
by pouring the BBQ sauce onto the chicken and spreading it with the tong
ends. Immediately, I noticed that the long reach of the tongs kept my hands
safely away from flare-ups that are common when grilling. At that point I
knew I was on to something, and as soon as the last guest left I went into
my shop and put together the first Basting Tongs prototype."

The tongs and saucepot are made from stainless steel, while removable
basting brush inserts are made of silicon and all are dishwasher safe for
easy cleanup. The Grilly Goat Set, which includes two replacement brush
inserts, sells for $29.95 and is available at

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