Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unique gourmet smarts

SmartsCo introduces GourmetSmarts, an entertaining, addictive question and answer game for anyone who loves food.

This stylish, social way to learn more about specialty foods is being launched by SmartsCo, the company known for creating approachable, unique, and easy-to-use games and guides to learn about wine, chocolate, travel, beer, coffee, and more.

Pick a card and discover:

Lingo-Quinoa is:
A. A trendy vegan bistro
B. A grain
C. A Mexican spice
D. A Latin American dessert

Cuisines-You are traveling abroad, and you see Bombay Duck on the menu. This is in fact:
A. Duck
B. Pork
C. Fish
D. Chicken

Ingredients-Italian prosciutto di parma is so good in part because the pigs are fed what?
A. Corn
B. Brandy
C. Chestnuts
D. Whey

Wild Card-True or False: Parmesan is the most popular cheese in the world.

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Retail Price: $16.95

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