Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Celebrate Oktoberfest with Landhaus Cheeses from Roth Käse USA

Let the countdown begin for one of our favorite food (and drink) festivities of the year…Oktoberfest! The high-spirited celebration of German origin is a great time to get together with friends while savoring German-inspired culinary treasures such as beer, sausage, sauerkraut and, of course, cheese.

The first Oktoberfest, held to honor the marriage of German Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese, began on October 12, 1810 and lasted six days. It soon became an annual event, with two changes: It grew longer – in Germany, it lasts two weeks – and the starting date moved into September, with the final weekend held in October.

While most American Oktoberfest celebrations last only a weekend, they still share the festive tone of the German original. And in American homes, restaurants, and supermarkets, Oktoberfest lends the perfect opportunity to celebrate the hearty and wholesome culinary treasures of the old world.

German-style cheeses are the perfect way to add authentic flavor to Oktoberfest celebrations. A tasty example: The Landhaus collection from Roth Käse USA…award-winning German-style cheeses hand-crafted by skilled cheesemakers according to time-honored traditions and always made with the freshest, highest quality Wisconsin milk:

Landhaus Butterkäse: This old world favorite has a mild, approachable flavor and a velvety, melt-in-your-mouth texture. A great “starter cheese” for children, try serving Butterkäse with fresh fruit and whole grain bread for a healthy snack. Melts beautifully and makes a mean Mac ‘n Cheese. Pair with sparkling apple cider or your favorite Oktoberfest brew.

Landhaus BrauKäse: Roth Käse Cellar Masters gently wash the rind of BrauKäse with brewer’s yeast to impart a subtle, earthy flavor. The creamy interior is perfectly balanced with the slightly assertive rind. A natural companion for beer, BrauKäse also fares well paired with fresh and pickled veggies, brown breads, mustard, and cured meats.

Landhaus St. Bernard’s: Creamy and mild with just the right amount of smokiness, St. Bernard’s pairs wonderfully with German beers and Côtes du Rhône red wines. The natural smoky flavor mellows when melted, adding a hearty note to vegetarian dishes (delicious on a veggie burger).

Landhaus Lace Käse: Roth Käse cheesemakers use only the freshest milk to craft this award-winning reduced-fat low sodium Swiss cheese. Perfect for slicing on sandwiches, shredding on pizzas, and cubing for an afternoon snack, Lace Käse is a smart choice for a healthy lifestyle.

Landhaus Limburger: Fear not…this cheese has garnered a “stinky” reputation in the cheese world! Notoriously aromatic as it ages, Limburger is in fact relatively tame as a young cheese. Earthy and slightly tangy, this Wisconsin version bears most of its pungency in the rind (Limburger novices can remove the rind in order to enjoy the cheese in partial glory). Slice and serve with onions and hearty bread.

Whether served as a stand-alone snack or as an ingredient, Landhaus cheeses from Roth Käse keep the convivial Oktoberfest spirit alive year-round.

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