Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Grilling Guide Targets Busy Moms

With a can-do spirit, a grill master’s verve and a busy mother’s knowledge of what truly constitutes family friendly fare, Catherine Mayhew invites other daring moms to fire up the grill and get cooking in Handy Mom’s Guide to Grilling ($19.95, Cool Springs Press), the first grilling book written by a mom, for moms.

A competitive barbeque cook and a master judge in the national circuit, Mayhew recalls her progression from nervous novice to grilling guru, explaining why she became hooked on the barbie. “When you start grilling, not only will you feed your family delicious and nutritional meals, but you’ll create valuable family time doing it,” she said.

Now, she has turned her hands-on experience into a backyard bible for moms looking to venture away from the range to cook for their families. Forging beyond bland burgers and well-done wieners, Mayhew introduces crowd pleasers for kids and dinner guests alike, including mouth-watering creations such as Glazed Pork Tenderloin Filets, Mediterranean Pita Pizzas and S’more Sandwiches. Mayhew has developed master recipes that allow home cooks to turn out perfect steaks, chops and chicken every time, along with dozens of recipes for using up the delectable leftovers.

Mayhew peppers the book with “Hot Tips” on getting it right behind the grill, including:

When grilling on a gas grill, leave the door open after you turn on the propane. This will remind you to turn the gas off when you are finished grilling.
Keep your grill-cleaning tool right next to the grill. It’s easier to get any residue off the grate while the grill is still hot.
Children are more adventurous eaters when they participate in the preparation, and grills lend themselves to kid-friendly recipes. Let them build their own meals on wooden skewers.

Mayhew further demystifies grilling by recommending her favorite ready-made ingredients. “Time-starved moms don’t need the extra stress of more time in the kitchen preparing to grill,” she said. “If you don’t want to make a marinade from scratch, I’ll tell you store-bought alternatives that are just as good as homemade.”

To purchase Handy Mom’s Guide to Grilling, visit www.gardenbookstore.net.

About the author:
Catherine Mayhew is an award-winning barbeque cook, a former syndicated food writer and newspaper editor. She covered the restaurant scene for The Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, North Carolina, and wrote an original syndicated food column for the Knight-Ridder News Wire. She is a Master Barbeque Judge for the Kansas City Barbeque Society and has her own competition barbeque cooking team, Chicks in Charge, made up entirely of women. Read more about Mayhew’s adventures in grilling on her blog, momsguidetogrilling.wordpress.com.

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