Thursday, April 17, 2008

Turkey Hill Dairy New Frozen Desserts

Last year, millions of dessert lovers became fans of Duetto, the serendipitous, gelati-inspired combination of soft serve ice cream and fruit-flavored Venice Premium Ice from Turkey Hill Dairy of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The Dairy’s unique recipe made Duetto the first gelati-style dessert available in grocery store freezers. Duetto has been such a success, with over 3.4 million containers sold as of February 29th, the Dairy is announcing an encore performance with two new flavors and solo appearances of Venice Premium Ice.

The new Venice Premium Ice line will feature the bold, fruit-flavored ice in Raspberry, Mango, Lemon & Cherry, and Pomegranate Blueberry with Açaí flavors. The new Duetto flavors, Root Beer Float Duetto and Limited Edition Chocolate Coconut, will join favorites Cherry, Lemon, Raspberry and Mango.

“Duetto wasn’t only a new recipe for us, but a whole new product category for grocery store freezers,” said Turkey Hill President Quintin Frey. “We knew without a doubt that our Venice Premium Ice was delicious and mixing it with our soft-serve ice cream was an obvious choice for ice cream lovers. But, Venice Premium Ice on its own has received a great response from a whole new category of frozen dessert lovers out there.”

The Dairy hopes the Venice Premium Ice line will build on the success of Duetto, and provide a treat for consumers with stricter dietary concerns as well as those who are just looking for a new indulgence. Turkey Hill’s Marketing Manager Melissa Mattilio said, “We’re always reaching out through sampling events, online communications and research groups to learn more about what consumers are looking for in the ice cream aisle. Based on feedback from Duetto lovers and consumers seeking healthier, fat-free options, a line of Venice Premium Ice flavors was an obvious next step.”

Duetto’s original four flavors are currently available in all stores that carry Turkey Hill Dairy products. The new desserts will also be available at those stores beginning in March. For more information, visit

Vitamin D also added to entire Frozen Yogurt Smoothie line-up

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (April 10, 2008) – Turkey Hill Dairy’s already popular Frozen Yogurt Smoothie collection has expanded from four flavors to five with the exotic addition of Pomegranate Blueberry & Cream with Açai to the mix.

The new flavor also ushers in an era in which all Frozen Yogurt Smoothie selections will use Turkey Hill’s signature Venice Premium Ice, an ingredient similar to Italian ice that was created in 2007 for the company’s new Duetto line-up. Also new to the Frozen Yogurt Smoothie line is the addition of vitamin D to each flavor. According to Turkey Hill Consumer Marketing Manager Melissa Mattilio, the new choices are the result of customer requests for calorie-conscious options with more taste and health benefits.

“We’ve talked to health-minded customers and we found that while they want to make healthier dessert choices, they still want to feel like they’re indulging and treating themselves to something refreshing,” said Mattilio. “They weren’t willing to sacrifice taste for health, and we took that into consideration with these new flavors.”

The fat-free Turkey Hill Frozen Yogurt Smoothie selection, a blend of frozen yogurt and Venice Premium Ice, was created in 2005 as a lower-calorie, fat-free indulgence for health-minded frozen dessert lovers. The line-up is fortified with calcium and rich with active yogurt cultures. The new options are joined by several existing Frozen Yogurt Smoothie flavors, including Green Tea Mango, Orange Cream Swirl and Raspberry Lemonade.

Turkey Hill Dairy Adds Two New Flavors

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (April 10, 2008) — Turkey Hill Dairy of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has added two new flavors to its Light Recipe line. The Light Recipe line was introduced by the Dairy in 2006 after extensive consumer research showed that ice cream enthusiasts looking for a “better-for-you” option didn’t want to sacrifice taste and the feeling of indulgence. The new Light Recipe flavors, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Banana Split, were specifically developed to meet this growing demand.

The new flavors, and the entire Light Recipe line, contain at least 18% fewer calories and 50% less fat than Turkey Hill premium ice cream.

“When we created this line two years ago, we knew that to meet growing demand for a healthier ice cream, we had to create a recipe that lived up to consumers’ high expectations for our ice creams,” said Turkey Hill Dairy President Quintin Frey. “The Light Recipe line’s growing success proves we’ve accomplished this task.”

The Light Recipe line is not light on taste. Flavors include Light Recipe Moose Tracks®, Light Recipe Peanut Butter Mania, Light Recipe Strawberry Cheesecake, Light Recipe Extreme Cookies ‘n Cream, and other favorites. Turkey Hill also produces a selection of frozen yogurts, frozen yogurt smoothies and no sugar added recipe ice creams.

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