Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everybody Eats Lunch — Cooking Projects for Children

What do YOU eat for lunch? Where do you eat lunch? Who makes your favorite lunch foods? These are just some of the questions that children ask when making new friends. EVERYBODY EATS LUNCH (Glitterati Inc.; May 2008; Paper over board hardcover/$16.00; ISBN: 978-0-9793384-4-1), is an exciting interactive children’s cookbook that is at once educational and playful, developed and written by children’s cooking authority, and best-selling author, Cricket Azima. It is one part cookbook, one part toy, and one part global adventure--with children from around the world!

This lunchbox-shaped engaging cookbook explores culture and ethnic lunch foods typically eaten by today’s children as it takes them on a lunch-time journey through five countries. Perfect for kids ages 4 – 11, each page is devoted to a different country and features colorful removable images of the food to examine and explore; underneath each food image is the recipe for that international dish. In this book they will visit:
▪ Brazil
• Jamaica
• Japan
• Mexico
• South Africa

“My goal in creating EVERYBODY EATS LUNCH is to produce a positive relationship between children and food – creating healthy eating habits for life,” says Cricket. “While practicing basic cooking skills, children also learn and enhance other traditional disciplines, such as reading, math, science, social science, nutrition, history and geography. In addition, I believe children strengthen their motor skills, self-esteem, and socialization when learning about food.”

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