Friday, October 12, 2007

Simple & Healthy Kid-Friendly Breakfast Recipes

Since kids are much more likely to eat foods they help prepare or prepare themselves, how about some quick and simple ways to get your kids involved with breakfast? Waffles can act as a blank palate for creativity when it comes with food.

For example, add two blueberries for eyes, a pineapple for a nose and an orange slice for a mouth and your child just built a happy face that’s as fun to look at as it is healthy to eat. Or, have them stack sliced strawberries and whipped cream in between each waffle, top with powdered sugar, and there you have a strawberry tower - simple to make and with layers of fun to pick off.

If you’re interested, please keep in mind Van’s all-natural waffles. Available in appealing kid-friendly sizes, their mini waffles provide an excellent source of calcium and are low in fat. Choose from original, blueberry, chocolate flavors and a wheat & gluten free option. If a larger waffle canvas sounds of interest, consider their Hearty Oats Waffles. In addition to having the antioxidant power of one whole pomegranate, Van’s Hearty Oats products offer four grams of fiber and protein per serving and are an excellent source of whole grains and calcium. Each of Van’s waffles are all-natural; free of preservatives and cholesterol. Please visit for more information.

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