Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Introducing the Northstar 1952 Retro Refrigerator

Everyone’s talking “retro” these days, or so it may seem. There are retro-styled cars like the PT Cruiser, retro clothing, retro parties, retro colors, and retro furniture… even retro-styled appliances.

Elmira Stove Works expects people will soon be talking about its new Northstar retro-styled Model 1952 refrigerator – the sixth major model in its retro appliance line – and the second refrigerator. Its distinctive fifties styling belies the twenty-first century technology and convenience on the inside. With 18.2 cubic foot capacity, available ice maker and category-leading Energy Guide rating of 412 kilowatt-hours per year, 1952 is sure to turn heads in the kitchen, the recreation room, and at the pool cabana or boathouse bar.

“The retro rage keeps gaining momentum, and we’re getting interest from all age groups” says Brian Hendrick, Elmira’s Vice-President of Sales & Marketing. ”Northstar brings a taste of the fifties to their décor that feels good and maybe brings back memories of an easier time. Northstar appliances have taken off with people who want to make a statement and have some fun. They’re popular with car restorers and memorabilia collectors. We’re seeing them ordered for trendy garage renovations, retro kitchens, 50’s home restorations and others who want a taste of nostalgia,” adds Hendrick. “Although we intended Northstar as a retro product, it works well in modern and contemporary kitchens. The colors and lines are just pleasant to look at… in almost any décor.”

Cold Wars
“Let us not be deceived: we are today in the midst of a cold war”. So spoke Bernard Baruch in April of 1947, as the U.S. and U.S.S.R. plunged into a 40-year arms race. Today, Elmira Stove Works and Big Chill are engaged in a “cold war” of a different sort, both vying to establish themselves as the “King of Cool” with their retro fridges.
Elmira introduced its first Northstar retro fridge in 2001, and sales took off. Shortly thereafter, Big Chill entered the race with a competitive fridge – with fewer features and amenities, but priced to sell for less than Northstar (Big Chill’s fridge currently sells for approximately $2700, versus $3700 for the top-of-the-line Northstar. 1952 will sell for $2995.)

Northstar raised the ante over the ensuing six years, adding a full line of retro-styled appliances, including ranges in gas, electric or dual fuel; range hood; a premium-featured 19 cubic foot fridge (with convenient bottom freezer, premium shelving, enhanced lighting, and sound reduction package); a combination microwave / convection oven / grill, and a matching dishwasher panel. The company offers ten not-so-standard colors, including Candy Red, Flamingo Pink, Mint Green, White, Black, Bisque, Buttercup Yellow, Robin’s Egg Blue, Quicksilver and new Crushed Orange.

Hendrick expects the 1952 model to bring a lot of new business to Elmira. “This fridge offers the styling, fit and finish of the Northstar line, along with the sales and service support of our three hundred retail dealers, at a price that is very competitive. Many consumers will still want the premium features of our original fridge, but a large number – especially those who are buying a ‘beverage fridge’ for their bar or entertaining area – may opt for the new model. Our fridge is 29-1/2” wide, which means it will fit in a standard-width cabinet opening.” (The Big Chill fridge is 32-7/8” wide.)

Elmira’s Northstar line is sold through a network of “sale-and-service” appliance and home products retailers across North America. Big Chill is sold primarily direct-to-consumer via its web site, although the company has recently opened a small group of retailers where consumers can see the product “live” prior to ordering.

Elmira Stove Works has been manufacturing vintage-styled appliances since 1975, and also offers a line of “circa-1850” ranges, refrigerators, microwaves and wall ovens. Each custom appliance is delivered fully assembled in approximately four to six weeks. Elmira Stove Works is a privately owned company based in Elmira, Ontario. For more information visit or call Elmira Stove Works at 800-295-8498.

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