Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How Wine Saved One Woman's Life..

Paula Moulton, mother, wife and businesswoman thought she had it all.

But not long ago she gave up her successful corporate career and enrolled in viticulture school with classrooms full of men where she learned to drive a tractor...among other things. After purchasing twenty four acres of land, she learned how to plant vineyards, tend vines, landed contracts with wineries and won a bronze medal for her Cabernet Sauvignon.

All of these events, both amusing and rueful are revealed in her unique winemaking guide/memoir, Seasons Among the Vines: Life Lessons from the California Wine Country.

Then just three days before the release of her book Moulton’s husband was killed in a horrific car accident. After she and her children lost him, they also lost their home and all their possessions. When she stepped back, adjusting to life as a single mother, Seasons Among the Vines brought back clear reasons as to why she wrote about farming and nature and how it relates to day-to-day life.

Part wonderfully engaging story, part introductory manual to winemaking.

"Seasons Among the Vines interweaves the practicalities of farming and making wine with the changes of the seasons and life…Moulton ultimately gives the reader a story about life - and the emotional and spiritual development associated with farming and making wine." - Rob Loutherback, The Wine Club

“I am a farmer living in California,” Paula Moulton says. “To most people the mention of ‘farmer’ conjures up pictures of a man dressed in dungarees with a piece of hay dangling from the side of his mouth as words like ‘darn,’ ‘dangit,’ and ‘little missus’ slip from his tongue. The truth is I do not fit this picture at all. Instead, I’m more likely to be seen as a gal raising money for a charitable cause and dancing around at the benefit in an evening gown and a pair of sexy stilettos – yet I owned acres of land that I cultivated with my own manicured hands – on top of that I am a business woman, a mother, a widow, a winemaker and an author. This is my story in my own words…”

Moulton has lived enough life for several people. She is sharing her unique story of struggle, despair, hope and triumph through her insightful memoir and wine making guide, Seasons Among the Vines: Life Lessons from the California Wine Country.

Moulton’s poignant memoir is part manual on natural grape farming techniques that inspires readers outside the realm of farming. It is also an adventurous book; with heart-warming anecdotes and stories. Gardeners, lovers of good stories, and wine-loving suburbanites all will relish in the unique blend Moulton serves up.

“When I wrote Seasons Among the Vines I was writing about the metaphor or comparison of the seasons in nature to the emotions one feels during the process of farming,” Moulton explains. “After the death of my husband, this later became the comparison of the seasons of nature with the emotions of life and the changes one must cope with. The farming lessons throughout the book became life lessons that contained two meanings: the literal meaning and the symbolic meaning.”

Seasons Among the Vines is not just about farming and winemaking but also reveals:

Being a woman in the male-dominated world of farming

Life lessons learned through struggling with farming and nature

Shifting from traditional to organic farming

The business side of the very complicated world of wine.

“All the stories in the book have hidden lessons attached to them that I learned to use in creating a new life for myself after the tragic death of my husband in a fatal car accident just three days before the release of the book,” Moulton explains. “When I stepped back, adjusting to life as a single mother, the book brought back clear reasons as to why I wrote about farming and nature and how it relates to day-to-day life. The book became my family’s tool for survival and the handbook we use to continue on with our new lives which I hope will translate to my readers who are facing life’s many lessons.”

Paula Moulton grew up in a suburb of San Francisco. She graduated from Berkeley with a Bachelors Degree in Rhetoric and from Santa Rosa Junior College with an Associates Degree in Viticulture. She worked for a commercial printer and as a sports columnist before becoming a viticulturist and award winning winemaker. She currently lives in Sonoma, CA with her children, stepchildren and husband where she nurtures her grapes and her passion for writing.

Seasons Among the Vines can be purchased from,,, and ordered through most booksellers.

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