Thursday, October 25, 2007

Black Perigord Winter Truffles

One of France’s finest exports, without a doubt, is the sought-after Black Perigord Winter Truffle. For this holiday season, will work with the Perigord purveyors to deliver these delicacies to customers in the United States. Whole fresh truffles will arrive in December and will be delivered overnight to consumers. This is a great opportunity to share this unique offering with your readers.

Highly prized by chefs and connoisseurs, this variety of truffle has an aroma, flavor and richness that is unmatched, and is known as the “black diamond” of truffles.

These truffles add an incomparable richness to unforgettable dishes. will take advance orders and will deliver on two dates only: December 13th and December 20th


1 oz. Whole truffles - $100
2 oz. Whole truffles - $200
3 oz. Whole truffles - $300

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