Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fresh, Refrigerated Food Revolutionizes the Dog Food Industry

With hundreds of combined years in the pet food industry, the Freshpet(tm) team understands what dogs need to be happy and healthy. As dog lovers and owners themselves, they thought there was a void when it came to fresh, nutritionally-balanced meals for dogs. So last year, when they decided to form their own company, they had one goal in mind: To make the best food for dogs.

Their pursuit of the perfect food for dogs resulted in two new products - Deli Fresh(tm) and Homestyle Select(tm). Both are freshly-prepared meals of real meats and vegetables, for the healthiest, most nutritious meals owners can feed their dogs. Because of the high meat content and no preservatives, these products need to be kept refrigerated.

"When people purchase meat for their family, they go to the refrigerated meat section of the grocery store, not the cereal aisle," explained co-founder Scott Morris.

"So why are we feeding meat to our dogs that has been ground into cereal, over-
processed and comes in a paper bag? Our dogs deserve the same fresh and healthy foods we eat ourselves to give them the highest quality of life."

Deli Fresh(tm) and Homestyle Select(tm) are just that. Each consists of 70% high-protein meat mixed with carrots, peas and brown rice to form a complete meal. There are never any by-products, fillers, wheat gluten, corn, or preservatives in either brand. And while they are healthy enough to feed to a human, they are 100% complete and balanced for a dog's diet.

The fresh ingredients are gently cooked leaving in the natural goodness. Freshpet foods go through significantly less processing and none of the ingredients are pre-processed. Dry and canned dog foods, on the other hand, are cooked at much higher temperatures and exposed to three times more

thermal processing (which depletes food of its nutrients) than Deli Fresh(tm) and Homestyle Select(tm).

Homestyle Select(tm) and Deli Fresh(tm) come in three sizes from 1.5 lb. up to 6lb. rolls, much like meat consumers might buy at their local deli counter. Cut marks on the package indicate how much people should feed their dogs, depending on the dogs' weight. Owners simply slice and serve, and keep the product refrigerated after use. Once opened, the products remain fresh in the fridge for 10 days.

Unlike traditional dog food, which is stored on supermarket shelves, Freshpet products are in new pet aisle refrigerators. These customized chillers can be found in the pet aisle at select Pet Specialty and Grocery stores.

Deli Fresh(tm) is available in the following meal combinations: Chicken, Vegetable & Rice and Turkey, Vegetable & Rice for adults. Consumers can find it at select pet specialty stores such as Petco across the country, and at independent pet specialty stores in the New York and Los Angeles areas. Additional information about Deli Fresh(tm), including a store locator, is available at www.delifreshpet.com.

Homestyle Select(tm) comes in the following meal combinations: Chicken, Vegetable & Rice; Chunky Chicken, Turkey, Vegetable & Rice; and Chunky Beef, Vegetable & Rice. It is available at select grocery and mass market retailers including Giant Eagle and Wal-Mart in Dallas, Denver and across the upper Midwest. Additional information about Homestyle Select(tm), including a store locator, is available at www.homestyleselect.com.

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