Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Biggest Splash Of The Season

MarXana Brand Foods introduces a
distinctive new line of five delicious pomegranate based sauces,
appropriately named "Splash". These all-natural, micro-brewed reductions
combine the lush sweet-tart flavor of pomegranate molasses, wine, and
the natural essence of various berries into a mouthful of bursting

Manufacturer and owner, Jules Silver, of MarXana Brand Foods and Club
Sauce came up with the idea of using pomegranate as a base for these
reduction sauces several years ago. Knowing the fruit is widely
enjoyed throughout the Indo-European countries for cooking, flavoring,
and their many health benefits made the pomegranate a natural choice.
�The prospect of creating a sauce that is refreshingly different and
easy to use is just what the American palate needs,
A combination of beautiful all-natural ruby red pomegranate molasses
(no sugars or sweeteners added), wine, and berry essence is micro-
brewed in small batches and slowly reduced in special kettles. This
process marries the piquant flavors of the various ingredients into a
thick sauce known as a reduction.

Jules says, recipe.use to baste grilled fruit. They are delicious with oatmeal, yogurt,
and in salads. Use as a marinade, glaze pork, duck, chicken, fish,
seafood, pan sauces, martinis, cheese cake, cheeses, tofu, rice, and
polenta. It is a about everything.

These attractively packaged 12 ounce bottles are currently offered in
five popular flavors:
Pomegranate Port Reduction
Mission Fig Port Reduction
Black Currant Cabernet Reduction
Tart Cherry Syrah Reduction
Blueberry Merlot Reduction

For more information and to purchase please visit our website's New
Products category at: www.clubsauce.com

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