Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Put Your Grills on the Spring Cleaning List!

Even if you are a year-round griller spring is a great time to tune-up your grills in preparation for the busy grilling season ahead. Who knows you just may prevent an embarrassing moment!

1. Wash your grill the next time you wash the car. The hose and a soapy water bucket will make quick work of your outdoor grill. Make sure the hood stays down, no need to blast away at the interior of the grill. Remove and clean your cooking grates while you are at it and decide if you want to cook on them for another year. Crumbling rust is not how you want to get your iron!

2. Check your burners for holes and critters. Remove the cooking grates and the flame tents and inspect the burners. Clear the inside of debris and rust. Empty the grease tray, and light the grill to see that the burners are burning properly. Burners and cooking grates are the first thing to wear out on most grills. Fortunately they are both easy to replace. Sites such as charbroil.com and weber.com have simple part locators to help you find the right replacement parts for your grill.

3. Replace or upgrade the cooking surface. Chances are your grates are not in the best shape and this is one area worth investing in new technology at the cooking surface. Products such as GrillGrate simply lay on top of the old surface or can replace it all together. The raised rail design dramatically improves a grill's performance and the food is juicier, more tender with less shrinkage and drying out. "GrillGrates harness and control the heat and prevent engulfing flare-ups from ruining your food." according to Brad Barrett, President of GrillGrate LLC. "Several competition teams have won steak cook-offs using GrillGrates- it's amazing the difference a new cooking surface can make" adds Barrett.

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