Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Cincinnati Wine Club With An Interactive Twist

The Wine Shop @ The Art of Entertaining is uniquely positioned to celebrate the synergy between the wine and culinary world as we are the only wine shop in Cincinnati that offers a full service demonstration kitchen serviced by an onsite culinary team of four amazingly talented chefs and a wine buyer that knows his stuff!!

Monthly Wine Selections + Recipes: Each month our wine buyer and culinary staff team up to select the monthly wines and create recipe pairings that work beautifully with the wine selections.

Wine & Culinary Events - Membership with An Interactive Twist: AoE is able to truly celebrate the relationship between wine and food and we invite our wine club members to engage in that relationship by inviting them to participate in a monthly wine and food event schedule as part of their membership benefit. Event participation for our Vine of the Month membership is offered at a complimentary level or @ heavily discounted rates.

Interactive - Social Events for VoM Membership
100% OFF Quarterly Chef's Table Wine Dinner Events
Wine Tasting Education
Culinary Demonstrations
Culinary & Wine Synergy Education
50% OFF Weekly Vine & Dine Tasting Events - A Casual Approach to Fine Dining & Wine Tasting
6-7 Courses of Fine Dining Cuisine
6 Tastings of Wine/Beer
Live Music!
VIP Status (Discounts & Seating) for Special AOE Wine Tasting Events: Winemaker Dinners, Sommelier Showdown and Iron Chef Competitions, ensures VOM members a pre-sale advantage.

Monthly Wine Selections Include
Wine: AoE's knowledgeable wine staff selects a bottle of white and red,featuring the latest wine trends, celebrated wine makers, seasonal varietals and/or unique blends.
Tasting Notes: Comprehensive aroma and flavor profile detail.
Wine Pairing Recipes: Created by our Chef Team, accompany each month's selections.
Who is Perfect for This Membership?
Give as a Gift or Treat Yourself
Gift Ideas: Wedding/Birthday/Anniversary
Wine & Food Enthusiasts: Those individuals who simply want to learn more about wine and enjoy the magnificent relationship between the wine & culinary world!
Singles or Couples in Cincinnati Who Love Getting Out to Enjoy Fun, Social Events w/ Great Food, Wine, Beer & Live Music!
Newcomers to Cincinnati ~ A great way to get to know Cincinnati & make new friends
Newlyweds: Attend Wine & Culinary Events, Demonstration Cooking Classes and Have Fun!

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