Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Products To Get You Fit for Bikini Season

Ahhh Summer. Lazy days, great weather and time to face your itsy bitsy polka dot bikini. Ugh! It almost makes the average woman long for snow and a good parka! What’s a girl to do?

Easy, by getting ready for body baring season by eating healthy you’ll rock your swimsuit and improve your health in the process. The following food products and services will help you get ready for the sun-filled days ahead.

The HopeFULL Company, has summer fun on the brain year-round with kits and recipe books to make a variety of nutritious, delicious whole food popsicles. Its new BellyFULL kit is designed to get kids cooking and interested in healthy eating and offers a meaningful, fun way for parents, grandparents and kids to interact. The company got its start when the founders created the nutrient-dense, great tasting pops for a friend who found it difficult to eat because of cancer treatment. The HopeFULL kit was developed to deliver these same popsicles to anyone having trouble eating due to illness. The company celebrates its roots by donating to a wide variety of non-profit causes.

Nothing says summer like BBQ, but until Ali’s All-Natural, there wasn’t a low-sugar BBQ sauce on the market. The company offers three flavors; home style, spicy and raspberry chipotle that have 95% less sugar than any other sauce on the market. Ali’s All-Natural got its start creating sugar-free pancake syrups using all-natural sweeteners. They come in five flavors.

SmilingCooks offers an online meal service that serves up a month of recipes in minutes. You can swap out recipes, change serving sizes, and print shopping lists. Recipes focus on healthy ingredients and preparation while remaining time and budget friendly. Best of all streamlining the planning and cooking process means more time on the beach and less time in the kitchen all summer long!

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