Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dinner Made Easy with EcoZip!

After a hard day's work, spend more time with the family and less time stuck in the kitchen thanks to EcoZip bags.

The bag that has made organizing homes, pantries, and offices a piece of cake is here to show off a whole new way to prep meals. EcoZip bags are the ideal way to store, marinate, and combine ingredients thanks to its innovate three zipper technology. One zipper spans the center of the bag and divides it into two smaller pouches, while each end has its own zipper for easy access to the goodies stored in either side.

To get started, plan ahead! Use the weekend to think about favorite meals and gather the needed ingredients. I'm sure some readers find this an idealistic dream, but EcoZip bags make it easy to plan early and store everything easily so dinner can be a stress free meal.

Let's take a classic meal like baked chicken and put an EcoZip spin on it. Pre-prep the chicken ahead and keep your hands clean! With EcoZip you can pack your dry seasonings on one side and your meat on the other! When ready to bake just pull and shake!

If you are watching your weight, you can even set aside just the right portion of meat and veggies for the days ahead! EcoZip conveniently helps keep everything for a delicious meal stored neatly together and can be pulled out and thrown on the grill or in the oven without ever getting a plate or hands dirty.

At picnics, potlucks, and parties no one wants to eat a soggy salad. Use EcoZip bags to keep lettuce and veggies crisp on the bottom and dressing stored in the top pouch. When it's time to dine simply unzip the center and shake to combine. This method also works well for marinading a steak or coating fish in herbs and oil before immediately sautéing.

The concept for EcoZip all began when two women took a closer look at their plastic consumption and wondered how they could make a change for the better. They wanted a bag that would let them use less while giving them more and saving a little chunk of change on the side. Rather than do away with plastic altogether, they got savvy and developed a way to make smarter choices that would allow them to live a little bit greener without sacrificing modern convenience.

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