Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cheeses of Asturias to Debut at Washington D.C. Summer Fancy Food Show

Finding authentic handcrafted cheeses in the United States is not an easy task. Cheeses of Asturias is now offering their full line of products in the United States. Some of the top cheeses include Afuega´l pitu, Cabrales and Gamoneu. There is a selection of raw and pasteurized cheeses to choose from as well as traditional and smoked cheeses. Artisan cheeses such as those found through Cheeses of Asturias are the perfect addition to your menu list or event. With flavors that range from mild to strong, there is something available for everyone.

Cheeses of Asturias is based in northern Spain along the coastline, in a region called Asturias. With milder summers and harsh winters, it is the perfect place to produce these handcrafted cheeses. The area is rich with artisans who create some of the best natural cheeses in the industry.

When you visit the Cheeses of Asturias website you will find a wealth of information on the production of their handcrafted artisan cheeses as well as the various types and general information on the region and its cheeses. More importantly, there is a database of recipes using the cheeses that are produced with Cheeses of Asturias. This will help buyers create mouthwatering meals with the best ingredients you can find for any situation. There are traditional American dishes such as a Cheesesteak with Ovin Cow’s Milk Cheese as well as unique recipes such as Cabrales Cheese Pasties and Creamy Rice Gamoneu Cheese.

With the unique diversity of cheeses offered by Cheeses of Asturias you can add a touch of flavor to any traditional American dish or select some of the American and Spanish recipes from the company database. Additionally, the website keeps a list of where you can buy now Cheeses of Asturias in California, Chicago, Florida and New York as well as online. If you are interested in marketing with Cheeses of Asturias, there is a special “Traders” section as well.

Tasting the gourmet flavors that are hand selected to create Cheeses of Asturias should be on everyone’s list of things to do. Visitors can stop by the Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington D.C., July 10th to 12th to sample the many flavors available. Booth 2948-2946, at the Spanish Pavilion. The event will be held at the Walter E. DC Convention Center. For more information on Cheeses of Asturias you can visit the website at

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