Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boku Superfood teams with Consumer Wellness Center to donate superfoods to U.S. soldiers

In an effort to get more superfoods into the hands of U.S. soldiers, Boku Superfood ( and the Consumer Wellness Center ( have teamed up to deliver high-density nutrition directly to the hands of U.S. soldiers on the front lines.

For the next several months, every purchase of Boku Superfood products from -- or of long-term storable Boku Superfood from -- will result in a donation of 5% of net profits to the purchase and delivery of Boku Superfood to active-duty U.S. soldiers serving on the front lines. (This includes from the purchase of Boku Superfood Bars and Boku Protein.)

More details about the program are available at

"I respect and sincerely appreciate the important job our soldiers do to defend and protect good people around the world," said Boku Superfood founder Reno Rolle. "These men and woman need vital, organic nutrition! Not only to ensure optimal performance in the field, but also to protect themselves from the physical and emotional stress that can wreak havoc on their bodies and immune systems."

Consumer Wellness Center executive director Mike Adams added, "Soldiers endure extreme physical and mental stress in the line of duty. They have an urgent need for premium nutrition, and Boku Superfood can help provide the nutrients our soldiers need to adapt to stress, heal from injury and maintain the high level of physical and mental performance needed to work through adversity and return home."

The Superfood For Soldiers program is part of a deeply-rooted philosophy of support for U.S. soldiers by both Mike Adams and Reno Rolle. Both also believe in the power of nutrition to prevent disease and promote accelerated healing.

To help support the Superfood For Soldiers program, you may purchase products from (all products apply) or from the new line of long-term storable superfoods described at

More details are available at

NaturalNews thanks readers for their support of this program. Results of the superfoods being sent to U.S. soldiers will be publicly shared. We also hope to post videos or emails from soldiers who are receiving Boku Superfood and putting it to good use enhancing their health and performance.

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