Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Castelvetrano: A Rich, Buttery Olive from Roland®

Summer is here, and with it the season for good eating: lots of grilling, fresh produce, and cool drinks on the porch. Picture it: grilled chicken with olives and rosemary, a crisp salad studded with juicy green olives, and a frosty martini garnished with the perfect olive. The common ingredient? The olive. But this summer it’s not just any olive; it’s the Castelvetrano.

The Castelvetrano, harvested from sunny olive groves in the Sicilian town of Castelvetrano, has a jade green hue and a mild flavor. The bright color and natural sweetness are preserved using a mild, low-salt brine which allows the fruity, green essence of the olive to shine. Those who avoid the bitter pungency of other olives will appreciate the mellowness of the Castelvetrano, while olive connoisseurs will love the distinct and nuanced Castelvetrano character.

While wonderful in a variety of dishes, the rich, buttery flavor of the Castelvetrano really glows when eaten on its own. This is a true eating olive—best enjoyed straight up. The smooth and savory Castelvetrano will win the hearts of olive skeptics and make olive-lovers swoon.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve Castelvetrano olives as a sophisticated snack paired with Mozzarella Di Bufala and Marcona almonds
Toss Castelvetrano olives into a citrus salad with parsley and slivers of red onion
Castelvetrano olives are a perfect addition to braised meat, especially chicken or lamb

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