Friday, November 12, 2010

Busy people, fed up with busted budgets, are saving money & re-connecting around the dinner table with E-Mealz

Saving money at the grocery store is the new buzz with chatter all over blogs and forums about E-Mealz, a budget based online meal planning service. When scrambling to fix dinner at the last minute, people often turn to unhealthy or expensive options. provides an everyday solution in the form of simple menu plans and grocery lists, which are published every week. This “mental maid” is an easy-to-use and concise tool for creating delicious, family-friendly dinners while sticking to a weekly budget.

E-Mealz has quickly established itself as a reliable and lifestyle meal planning and food budgeting resource for busy professionals and families. The history of E-Mealz speaks to the heart of the company’s mission and the community it supports. E-Mealz is a company dedicated to the tradition of sharing home-cooked meals and committed to help strengthen families relationships and finances. E-Mealz is a unique and simple way to save time, money, and most importantly, help families connect in a meaningful way around the dinner table.

Jane DeLaney founded E-Mealz in 2003, along with her sister Jenny, out of her own personal challenge to provide quality dinner meals as a working mother of four children. She wanted to reduce time spent clipping coupons along with the nightly stress of planning her family’s weekly dinner plans. Finding no solution online or otherwise, DeLaney created E-Mealz to provide other busy families access to delicious and simple recipes that featured grocery lists on a consistent budget.

Since its launch, E-Mealz has served over 150,000 subscribers, primarily in the USA.
E-Mealz is rapidly growing in subscriber base and expansion of plan choices. Each week, the company provides seven dinner recipes and corresponding grocery list for a nominal monthly subscription fee that coordinates with each subscriber’s plan choice. Please visit our website at to see what all the chatter is about. Join our community as we work together to save money, organize our days and simplify our lives while at the same time strengthening families across the country.

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