Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ohio Chef Develops Line of Mediterranean-Inspired Spice Blends for Home Kitchens

Long-time Ohio chef and resort general manager Tom Arvan has introduced a line of four Mediterranean-inspired seasonings. Called “Seasonings of Salonica,” the blends were derived from recipes handed down through Arvan’s family over four generations.

Four Seasonings of Salonica blends are available – for seafood, poultry, vegetables and meat. Ingredients in the Mediterranean spice blends are all-natural and contain no MSG. The seasonings are available online at www.spicygreek.com.

“Food is a central part of the Greek culture, and we try to make gatherings with friends and family special by always serving food that makes our guests want to say ‘Opa!’ which means celebrate and have fun,” said Arvan. “Although it’s fun to make great food for special occasions, I think you can make any average weeknight into a memorable one by adding well-blended seasonings to any dish.”

These blends were developed to be especially easy and quick to prepare and to give food a bold, complex flavor. For example, the meat spice can be rubbed on steaks, sprinkled on burgers and used as a marinade for pork and lamb. The vegetable blend can be mixed with oil and vinegar for vinaigrette or sprinkled on cooked vegetables and salads. Seasoning potatoes with the vegetable blend is one of the most popular ways to use this blend. The seafood blend takes on a different flavor for different types of seafood. Arvan recommends squeezing fresh lemon or lime juice on seafood fillets, drizzling the fish with olive oil and sprinkling the blend over the fish before grilling or baking. Chicken or turkey can be marinated overnight with oil, lemon juice and the poultry blend.

“Cooking inspiration is sometimes hard to find, and I think of these spices as inspiration in a bottle,” said Arvan.

A resident of Franklin, Ohio, Arvan is general manager of the Hueston Woods State Park Resort in College Corner, Ohio, near Cincinnati.

The spices are priced at $4.89 per bottle plus shipping and are available online at www.spicygreek.com.

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