Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nine-year aged batch of Knob Creek Bourbon to be released from barrels on October 29th

After running short this summer, the next batch of fully aged Knob Creek Bourbon will be released from the barrels where it has matured for nine years, finally ready to be bottled and shipped to establishments and retailers nationwide. Rather than rush production, Knob Creek stayed true to the ideals and standards of its originator, the late Booker Noe – grandson of Bourbon-making legend Jim Beam – and let this batch, barreled in 2000, reach its full potential.

Beam Global Spirits & Wine U.S. president Bill Newlands, and seventh generation family distiller Fred Noe – Jim Beam’s great grandson – will preside over the dumping of the first barrel in months, a process that has changed little over time (in Bourbon parlance, called a barrel dump), at the distillery.

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