Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gling Launches Game-changing Recipes & Foods Database

I'd love to discuss a revolutionary Cooking web application for the Gluten-free community (

Gling's Recipes and Foods databases are linked, allowing Gluten-free dieters to first find Gluten-free recipes, then research the specific ingredients within each recipe. When creating or viewing a recipe, ingredients automatically become hyperlinks to their corresponding record in the Foods database.

Because Gling is targeting the Gluten-free world, researching ingredients for safety is a game-changing feature that allows users to see what ingredients are safe/unsafe, even if that means different manufacturers who create a very similar item.

Gling is a new online destination for Gluten-free dieters, featuring not only Recipes and Food info, but a Locations database, original Articles and a hefty social backbone with Blogs, Tweets, Photos, etc. Since Gling's launch on 9/22, the response has been amazingly positive, with more than 35,000 page views from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

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