Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Great Flavors Get Healthy In A Doctor's Kitchen

If you normally roll your eyes at the mention of anti-oxidants and fiber, Dr. Deborah Chud may change your mind. Her new interactive, community building, healthy cooking website, A DOCTOR'S KITCHEN , can be found online at www.aDoctorsKitchen.com. Through the site, which went live on October 19, Dr. Chud shares more than a decade of experience as ahealthy food strategist. Her kitchen is a clinic where she examines San Marzano tomatoes, cures zucchini of fluid overload, and performs "chicken liposuction" and "pork surgery". She specializes in making conventional recipes healthier and healthy food taste better. For people seeking creative approaches to healthy cooking and eating, this site is just what the doctor ordered!

The primary goal of A DOCTOR'S KITCHEN is to make health delicious one recipe at a time, and every Monday there will be at least one new offering on Dr. Chud's Recipe of the Week blog. However, the site is far more than a food blog. Its unique Web 2.0 community building functionality invites users to take an active role in their journey towards healthier eating and share their experiences with others through several key programs:
The Recipe Spa invites users to submit favorite recipes for a healthy makeover
The Recipe Collaborative allows users to share their own healthful recipes and as well as request new recipes from others...there's even a place for users to post their own photos of recipes they find on the site
The Recipe Lab provides a unique opportunity for users to "test" a recipe in development and provide feedback to Dr. Chud and other users. The "Lab" reflects Dr. Chud's conviction that cooking full-flavored healthy food is hard, and we need all the help we can get!
The Store allows users to shop for tools and ingredients referenced on the site and provide reviews for other users' benefit
In addition, the interactive site presents several special tools that will be informative, helpful, and engaging.

ClickTips™ embedded in each recipe are made up of text notes, as well as entertaining video clips and voicethreads. When clicked, they take users to a new page that provides explanation and lively demonstrations of techniques.
Building Blocks provide users with detailed information about what Dr. Chud refers to as the "healthy trinity" of lean proteins, friendly fats, and good carbohydrates.
Odds and Ends is the virtual bulletin board of the site, a place where Dr. Chud will post her own contributions and those of users: ideas, suggestions, praise, criticism, tips of their own, experiences they had while making the recipes and almost anything else they'd like to share.

A DOCTOR'S KITCHEN (www.aDoctorsKitchen.com)is an unusual and vibrant blend of healthy recipes, information, strategy, humor, and fun. Whether you're just beginning a journey toward healthier eating or well on your way, this is a resource you'll enjoy and come to trust. This doctor really cooks!

About Dr. Chud

Dr. Deborah Chud is a graduate of Harvard College and Boston University School of Medicine. For a number of years, she was a medical educator and member of the faculty at Tufts University School of Medicine. Subsequently, she served as a consultant to Eicotech Corporation and ZonePerfect Nutrition Corporation where she contributed as medical editor, food columnist, and cookbook reviewer. Her cookbook, The Gourmet Prescription, was published in 1999, and she currently serves as food columnist for Radius Magazine, a lifestyle quarterly devoted to health and wellness that circulates to 100,000 physicians and waiting rooms throughout the country.

Dr. Chud inherited her passion for food from her paternal grandmother who was a professional chef and caterer. She lives in the Boston area with her husband.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Dr. Chud, please contact Dalyn A. Miller, at 617-504-6869 (mobile) or via email dalyn@dalynmillerpr.com

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