Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tea Cocktail

Tea cocktails have been popping up more and more these days, but in an effort to bring credibility to the craft of tea making and mixing, ZEN Green Tea Liqueur™ has enlisted James Labe, America’s first Tea Sommelier, to create a series of original tea infused cocktail recipes.

A renowned master of tea tasting and preparation, Mr. Labe mixed some of the world’s finest teas including Genmaicha Green Tea, Silver Needle White Tea and Oolong with a range of fresh juices and fine spirits to create eight invigorating cocktails.

From the warm ZEN Chai Toddy to the Jasmine and Coconut Cream infused ZEN Blossom, he’s created a signature tea recipe for every season. For a refreshing summertime sipper, Mr. Labe recommends the ZEN, White & Blue made with Silver Needle White Tea, ZEN Green Tea Liqueur™, Fresh Blueberries and Raspberry infused vodka.

ZEN, White & Blue

1½ parts ZEN Green Tea Liqueur
3 parts prepared Silver Needle White Tea
3 parts Fresh Blueberries, muddled or pure├ęd

Combine and stir ingredients. Serve on the rocks. Garnish with Fresh Mint.

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