Monday, January 26, 2009

First Full-Color Traditional Danish Cookbook to Use American Measurement System

A Taste of Denmark is a clear winner for those missing their Danish heritage, wanting to learn about their Danish heritage, those who have visited Denmark, or anyone wanting to learn about Danish culture.

Go beyond smorgasbord and smoked salmon to discover real Danish cuisine. Before long, your inner Viking will be dining on roast duck, smoked buttermilk cheese, pumpernickel bread, beef hash, and raspberry rolls.

In addition, learn the secret of delicious smørrebrød and the truth behind the Danish feast known as smorgasbord.

Finally, brew your own porter and lager from Stig's own recipes and find out what a real Danish butter cookie tastes like.

Along the way, accompanied by forthright text and mouth-watering photographs, you'll learn about the Danes' national fondness for the hot dog, the Viking way with pickles, and the country's tradition of hygge, the relaxed pleasure of gathering with loved ones and a bite to eat.

Both inspirational and useful, Cooking Danish -- A Taste of Denmark is available at The book can also be found at,, at Barnes & Noble, at Scandinavian stores across the U.S., and at Klods Hans at Hans Christian Andersen's museum in Odense, Denmark.

Cooking Danish -- A Taste of Denmark by Stig Hansen; Nonfiction; Hard cover $34.95; ISBN: 978-0-9791019-0-8

Author: Stig Hansen is an award-winning professional chef, recognized authority on Danish cooking, and expert in creating dishes with popular appeal. Born and raised in Denmark, he later immigrated to the United States. Influenced by his mother's good cooking and his own love of great food, Stig decided early on to become a chef.

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